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Contact Details for Selwyn College

Address:  Selwyn College, Grange Road,  Cambridge CB3 9DQ, United Kingdom.
Telephone: Porters' Lodge/Switchboard: (+44) (0) 1223 335846.
Fax: (+44) (0) 1223 335837.
Directions to Selwyn College

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Undergraduate Mrs Stephanie Pym 01223 335896 admissions@sel
Graduate Mrs Samantha Carr 01223 331910 grad_admissions@sel
Catering and
Manager Mr Bill Simmonett 01223 335855 wts21
Assistant Manager Mrs Tonya Gusman 01223 335969 tlg23
Development and
Alumni Relations
Director (vacancy) ...
Alumni Officer Mrs Shona Winnard (7)67844 smw59
Development Officer Mr Andrew Flather 01223 767846 arf37
Accommodation Mrs Susan Donelan 01223 769339 sd510
Fellows of the College.
Staff of the College.