Health Emergency

Posted: March 31, 2020

This message was sent by the Senior Tutor to Selwyn students on March 31st.

Dear Selwyn students,

You should by now have received the communication from the university concerning examinations and assessment. In the coming days you shall also receive more detailed information from your faculties and departments.

We are living through some extraordinary times where very few activities are going on as normal. That is true of teaching, learning and assessment in Cambridge in the coming weeks.

I would ask you to please hold off from asking questions until you have heard definitively from your own department – there will be significant variations by subject in forms of assessment, just as there are when exams are held in the usual way between April and June. Please do not assume that what has been said to students in other years or other Triposes will automatically be applicable to you.

Once you have your departmental communication, if you have any questions they should be addressed in the first instance to your director of studies if they relate to teaching, revision, form of examination and such matters. You should contact your tutor if you have questions regarding specific exam arrangements that have been set up for you. We will do our level best to address your questions quickly and clearly but you will appreciate that colleges have only had the detailed information at the same time as you and that we may need to ask university bodies for guidance on specific issues. In the meantime, be aware that the university has developed a detailed set of FAQs that feature in the pro-vice-chancellor’s letter and that will continue regularly to be updated. See

More generally, I wish to reiterate that the college continues to function and will support you. Your tutors and directors of studies, the chaplain, the nurse, Gina and her colleagues in the tutorial office, and I all want to help however we are able in these difficult and highly unusual times.

Best wishes,

Mike Sewell