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Selwyn's Honorary Fellow, Robert Cripps, hosted a reception for college alumni and friends in Melbourne attended by the Master, Roger Mosey. The event, part of the college's reunion tour of Australia and Hong Kong, was also an opportunity to thank the Cripps Foundation for their generous support of the refurbishment of Cripps Court. The Foundation has contributed over £7m towards the £13m cost; and it was Robert's father Sir Humphrey Cripps who was the benefactor at the time of the building's original construction.

Robert Cripps (centre) is pictured with his wife Jan and with Roger Mosey.


Other photos from Melbourne:


Roger Mosey then went on to Sydney to meet alumni there. They include Joanna Davison (second from left) who was the first woman president of the JCR.


Earlier in the trip, the first stop had been Hong Kong where another reception was generously hosted by an Honorary Fellow – our alumnus Sir David Li. Below is a group of those who attended, along with college development director Mike Nicholson (second from right.)


More News from Selwyn