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Emeritus Fellows


Richard Bowring

Professor Richard Bowring

College Position: Former Master
University Department: Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
University Position: Emeritus Professor of Japanese Studies
Subject: Japanese Studies
Research Interests: History of religious and intellectual movements in the Tokugawa period, co-editing the Brill Encyclopaedia of Buddhism
Email: rb101@sel


Andrew Chester

Dr Andrew Chester

University Department: Faculty of Divinity
University Position: Reader in New Testament Studies
Subject: Theology
Research Interests: Messianism and eschatology in early Judaism and Christianity, Early Christology and its Development in Jewish Context, Ethical Perspectives in the New Testament and Early Christianity, New Testament Greek
Email: anc1000


David Chivers

Dr David Chivers

College Position: formerly Director of Studies in Veterinary Medicine and also Biological Anthropology, College Lecturer in Veterinary Anatomy, Tutor and Praelector and Gardens Steward.
University Position: Reader Emeritus in Primate Biology and Conservation
Subject: Veterinary Medicine and Biological Anthropology
Research Interests: Socio-ecology and conservation of primates and other wildlife in SE Asia, S Asia and Brazil; comparison of gut anatomy and diet in primates and other mammals
Email: djc7


Jean Chothia

Dr Jean Chothia

University Position: Reader Emerita in Drama and Theatre
Subject: English
Research Interests: dramatic language; Shakespeare in performance; 19th and 20th Century Theatre
Email: jkc20


Ken Coutts

Mr Ken Coutts

University Department: Centre for Business Research, Cambridge Judge Business School
University Position: Research Associate, Emeritus Assistant Director of Research, Faculty of Economics.
Subject: Economics
Research Interests: Macroeconomic policy.
Email: Ken.Coutts@econ


Nick Downer

Mr Nick Downer

College Position: Bursar-emeritus
Email: njad2


David Ford OBE

Professor David Ford OBE

University Department: Faculty of Divinity
University Position: Regius Professor of Divinity Emeritus
Subject: Theology and Religious Studies
Research Interests: Specialising in hermeneutics, modern Christian theology and dialogue between faiths.
Email: dff1000


Peter Fox

Mr Peter Fox

University Position: University Librarian Emeritus
Email: pkf20


Robert Harding

Dr Robert Harding

Subject: Mathematics
Email: rdh1


David Harrison

Sir David Harrison

College Position: Former Master
University Department: Chemical Engineering
Email: [external email]


Robin Hesketh

Dr Robin Hesketh

University Department: Biochemistry
Subject: Biochemistry: Cancer Biology
Email: trh12


David Holton

Professor David Holton

University Department: Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
University Position: Emeritus Professor of Modern Greek
Subject: Modern Languages – Modern Greek
Research Interests: The history of the Greek language, Greek literature with particular reference to Crete and Cyprus in the Renaissance period.
Email: dwh11


Colin Humphreys

Professor Sir Colin Humphreys

University Department: Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy
University Position: Emeritus Professor of Materials Science
Research Interests: Graphene, Semiconductor devices (particularly gallium nitride), electron microscopy, the chronology of ancient Egypt and Israel, science and religion
Email: colin.humphreys@msm


Andrew Jones

Dr Andrew Jones

College Position: Formerly Director of Studies in Music
University Department: Faculty of Music
Subject: Music
Research Interests: Handel’s cantatas and operas
Email: avj1000


Haruko Laurie

Mrs Haruko Laurie

College Position: DoS in Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, and Tutor for undergraduates
Subject: East Asian Studies
Email: hul1@hermes


John Morrill

Professor John Morrill

University Department: Faculty of History
University Position: Professor of British and Irish History, and Michael Graves Fellow in History
Subject: History
Research Interests: Special interest in British, Scottish and Irish History from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries
Email: jsm1000@hermes


David Newland

Professor David Newland

University Department: Engineering
University Position: Professor Emeritus of Engineering, formerly Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University
Subject: Engineering
Research Interests: Mechanical Engineering, Entomology
Email: den1000


Mića Panić

Dr Mića Panić

College Position: Former Teaching Fellow and the College Bursar
University Department: Faculty of Economics
Subject: Economics
Research Interests: Economic, social and political origins and effects (national and global) of globalisation and the institutional and policy changes that they demand
Email: [external email]


John Ray

Professor John Ray

University Department: Division of Archaeology
University Position: Sir Herbert Thompson Professor of Egyptology
Subject: Archaeology
Research Interests: Special interest in Late-Period Egypt and Hellenistic Egypt.
Email: jdr1000


Jeremy Sanders

Professor Jeremy Sanders

University Department: Chemistry
University Position: Emeritus Professor and former Pro-Vice-Chancellor
Subject: Chemistry
Email: jkms


John Spencer

Professor John Spencer

University Department: Faculty of Law
University Position: Professor Emeritus of Law
Subject: Law
Research Interests: Criminal Procedure and Criminal Evidence; Comparative law; Criminal Law; Tort and Contract; Medical Law.
Email: jrs1000


Mike Taussig

Dr Mike Taussig

Subject: Pathology
Research Interests: Antibodies, Autoimmunity, Protein Arrays, Proteomics (CEO, Cambridge Protein Arrays Ltd.)
Email: mjt44


Michael Tilby

Dr Michael Tilby

College Position: Formerly Vice-Master and Director of Studies in Modern Languages
Subject: Modern Languages – French
Research Interests: Nineteenth- and twentieth-century French novel, especially Balzac, Gide and Céline; and the relationship between nineteenth-century literature and the visual arts
Email: mjt@sel


Robert Whitaker

Dr Robert Whitaker

Subject: Medicine
Email: rhw1000


Mike Young

Dr Mike Young

University Department: Department of Pharmacology
Email: jmy1


Honorary Fellows

Mr John Chown 
Professor Ian Clark FBA
Mr Robert Cripps 
Dr Christopher D Dobson 
Professor Peter Grant FRS FRSC
The Rt Revd R M Hardy CBE
Professor Lord  Harries of Pentregarth 
Mr Robert Harris 
Mr Tom Hollander 
Dr Gordon Johnson 
Sir David Li Kwok-po OBE
Mr Hugh Laurie CBE
Sir David Lumsden 
Professor Sir Alistair MacFarlane CBE
Professor April McMahon FBA
Ms Zia Mody 
Mr Nigel Newton 
Professor Vivian Nutton FBA
Professor William ‘Rusty’ Park 
The Most Revd & Rt Hon Dr John Sentamu 
Dr Ruth Simmons 
Professor Sir Adrian Smith FRS
General Sir Peter Wall GCB CBE ADC Gen Hon FREng
Sir Stephen Wall GCMG LVO
Sir Peter Williams CBE FREng FRS
Professor Kathy  Willis FRGS
Ms Sophie Wilson FRS FBCS