Friday 19th October – 2:30pm to 4:30pm

Our Shorter Making Course concentrates on the practical side of working with Chocolate. You will make and wrap about 24 delicious handmade truffles to take home together with our Chocolate Recipe Booklet, and a discount voucher.

Our chocolate courses are ideal for chocolate lovers who want to learn how to make chocolates for themselves, for family and friends; perfect for a fun morning or afternoon, but also an ideal first step for the novice wanting to become a professional Chocolatier.

This course will take place in the Diamond, Cripps Court and last 2 hours.

The Chocolatier running the course will take you on a short guided tour of some of the highest quality blended and single origin chocolate available so that you can identify the distinctive flavours of each and know which you prefer.

You will then move on to the practical part of the course where you will learn how to handle chocolate: one of the most demanding ingredients used in the kitchen!

The Chocolatier will show you how to make delicious truffles using the traditional methods of the Artisan Chocolatier so that you can ensure that your own chocolates have the distinctive appearance and flavour of high quality chocolate.

With the expert guidance of the Chocolatier you will make and wrap a selection of about 24 delicious handmade chocolates to take home with you.

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Course will take place in the Diamond, Cropps Copurt @ 2:30pm.


Guest Price: £40

Guests are welcome at their own expense.

* Other staff are very welcome.


Applications must be received by Friday 18th May.

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