All College student rooms have a wired ethernet connection to the College network. Wireless is also available in most areas of the College, with the exception of some of the hostels, however a wired connection is still recommended over wireless for speed and reliability reasons.

Wired Ethernet Connection

Plug into the Left hand socket, open up a web browser and try to browse to any webpage (Network cables are available from the Porters Lodge for a £5 deposit)

A Selwyn Firewall Registration page will come up, select the Staff/Student/Fellows option if you have a Raven account, otherwise select the conference and visitor link if you have an internet ticket.

Enter your Raven/Ticket details as asked

Fill in your name and Contact details

Wait two minutes and your connection is then live, ensure your Antivirus software is up to date, Windows/Mac updates are done, and Firewall is enabled.

Wireless Connection

For Eduroam (Suggested for Fellows/Students and Staff as works in departments and Faculties)

Collect your eduroam username and password here

For Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS/IOS click to connect to eduroam from the wireless menu

Enter the your full email address as the username as shown on token screen, and enter the Network access token as the password

You should now be connected, ensure your antivirus software is up to date, Windows/Mac updates are done, and firewall is enabled.

For SC-Wifi

Connect to SC-Wifi

Try to browse to any web page, and in the firewall screen click the Fellow/Student and Staff links or Conference guest/Visitor Link as applicable.

Enter your Raven details or Internet Ticket details as requested

Enter your name and contact information if requested.

Wait 2 minutes and your connection will be live, ensure your antivirus software is up to date, Windows/Mac updates are done, and firewall is enabled.


To ensure capacity for everyone using the network, the following limits are in place (This applies to wired, SC-Wifi and Eduroam connections).

10Gb per 24 hours
Premium service (additional £27 per term) 20Gb per 24 hours (Only available to main college buildings and Grange Road, West Road, Sidgwick Avenue properties)

To upgrade to premium click here

To check your usage click here

Bandwidth to and from the Cambridge Network (CUDN) (such as traffic to and from your department) is not counted as part of the above limits (As the College is not charged for this usage)

A warning email will be sent at 80% of this limit, and throttling (intentionally slowing your connection) will apply after the limit is exceeded.


While using the Selwyn network, or the wider CUDN, you must obey the Selwyn Acceptable Use Policy, details can be found here

Problems Connecting

Please call into the IT-Office with your device on 2nd Floor Anns Court Monday-Friday 9am-5pm, email us on helpdesk@sel (add or call us on 01223 335850