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Alice: A Fresher's Tale

26th February-1st March

8pm, Chadwick room Selwyn College

Tues-Thurs £5/7 Fri-Sat £6/8

Book online at

Boasting a talking cat, tiddlywinks champion, rebellious fellows and unpersuasive heathens this hilarious tale follows Alice, our fresh-faced heroine as she encounters the strange and mysterious Cantabridgian world.
Foremost a Fresher's tale of formals and fellows, Facebook and fire-alarms, we explore Alice's hopes, insecurities and potato-hurling habits in some mind-blowing musical numbers. Jim and Kate-her squabbling college parents, the dictatorial master, an elusive porter and the Bishop himself all impact upon whether Alice will ever truly fit in. Brought to you by 'The Mighty Players', who had recent success with 'The Zoo Story' at the ADC theatre, we hope to bring the real life and soul of Cambridge to the stage in an all singing all dancing form. This is not just a musical. This is Selwyn The Musical.

The Mighty Players are pleased to announce the premiere this brand new musical written about life in Selwyn by students at Selwyn. Produced to coincide with the 125th anniversary, we invite all students, alumni, fellows and porters to come and enjoy the show. For more information please contact Anna Seeley (