Posted: January 16, 2019

How we select students

The college has sent out emails and letters with offers to students for admission in autumn 2019. Congratulations to everyone who has secured a provisional place, and we wish you well with your studies in the coming months. We’re sorry that many excellent candidates didn’t receive an offer – but this year was once again highly competitive with a record number of applications.

More widely, the Cambridge admissions process is the subject of much discussion about whether it’s fair to all candidates, irrespective of their background. In particular, there has been controversy about interviews and how much they influence the selections we make. The Master of Selwyn, Roger Mosey, has written a piece for the New Statesman explaining how the process looks from the inside and how the decisions are made. He explains that interviews are only part of a much bigger process; and this college – and the university more widely – rely increasingly on data about prospective students. You can read the piece here: