The College views with concern any interference with fire safety equipment, which is provided and maintained for the safety of all members of the College. This includes letting off, or tampering with, fire extinguishers (except in the event of a fire), the jamming open of fire doors, the improper use or removal of keys to emergency exits, and interference with, or improper use of, fire escapes and fire exits. Tampering with fire safety equipment is now also a criminal offence.

Given the potentially serious, and possibly fatal, consequences of the wilful misuse of fire equipment, severe penalties will be imposed on those found responsible for such misuse or damage, or for encouraging others in such misuse or damage. These may include the withdrawal of the privilege of living in College, or College-owned accommodation. In addition, payment in full will be demanded for all damage caused. Under no circumstances will a plea that alcohol or other substance misuse reduced  an individual’s judgement be entertained as a mitigating factor.

Severe penalties will also be imposed on those who infringe the regulations regarding the use of candles in College accommodation, or who, by other acts or through articles stored in their room, increase the risk of accidental fire.

Full guidance on Fire Safety issues can be found in Section 1.3 of the Accommodation Handbook.