5.1.1 Annual Fees

University Composition Fee:  The University has introduced a range of fees. For further details see: http://www.graduate.study.cam.ac.uk/finance/fees

5.1.2 Quarterly Residence Charges

These charges apply to Michaelmas (MT), Lent (LT), Easter (ET) and Long Vacation (LV) terms.


Living In

Living Out

Facilities Charge:



Minimum Meals Charge (MMC)



**Students living out may opt to use their University Card in the Servery. If they do so, the MMC will apply.

The MMC does not apply to the Long Vacation period. Living in refers to accommodation provided by the college including hostels. Living out refers to private accommodation.

5.1.3 Room Codes and Weekly Room Rents

















NB: Rent includes utilities.
MSt room rent: £22 per night of residential session
For Guest Rooms, see Accommodation Officer for prices.

5.1.4 Deposits and Charges

MSt matriculation deposit

(charged on first bill, returned after last session)

MSt Linen charge
(per residential session)

Key Deposit

Charged when a student joins the College, to be returned upon graduating


Key Fine if keys lost

On loss of keys, the student will pay a fine before a new set can be issued 



Late Payment Charges

Weekly from 3 weeks after Full Term begins, unless otherwise agreed


Weekly from 4 weeks after Full Term begins, unless otherwise agreed


If the involvement of the Bursar is necessary to ensure collection     




Tutorial Charges

 Failure to register with Tutorial Office as required (Overseas Students)


 Change of date for vacating room after notice has been given



Library Fines and Charges: See



Garage and Parking Charges (per Term)



Parking Space          


Weekly Visitor Parking


Special Cycle Storage £20

Students are reminded that they must have a College and University permit to keep a car in Cambridge, which is only granted in exceptional circumstances.

NB:  All charges are subject to review during the academic year and may be changed without notice.