4.1.1 The College Nurse and her Surgery

The College Nurse (Mrs Diana Lloyd) will treat minor ailments, do dressings, and give general advice on medical problems. She is available in the Surgery on B staircase. You are advised to call on her services if you are ill, however trivial the problem may seem. There is no charge. The Nurse is usually available between the hours of 10.00 am and 11.30 am on weekdays (email: nurse@sel (add .cam.ac.uk)). These times are subject to change; check the notice in the Porters’ Lodge for up-to-date information.

Drop-in times for the Michaelmas Term

Monday to Friday 10am to 11.30

Anyone needing to consult the Nurse on an urgent matter outside surgery hours should contact her at home via the Porters’ Lodge, consult their GP, or go to the Accident and Emergency department at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. In the event of an emergency, please contact the Porters’ Lodge or dial 999 for an ambulance. The Porters must always be informed if an ambulance is called or if someone is accompanied to the hospital without an ambulance being called.

There is useful information about local services for students provided by the National Health Service

If you experience a medical emergency which requires you get to Addenbrooke’s but does not justify the calling of an ambulance, the JCR will, within certain limitations, pay your taxi fare to and from the hospital. This does not apply in the case of pre-arranged appointments, or if there is other suitable transport available. (NB: The ‘Universal’ bus service, partly funded by the University, which runs from Madingley Road Park and Ride to Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station, via Grange and West Roads, only costs £1 if you show your University Card.) If you wish to make a claim, you should obtain a signed receipt from the taxi driver that gives the date and time of travel and the destination and starting place. Then write your own name on the receipt and place it in the JCR Treasurer’s pigeonhole.

4.1.2 Registering With a GP

All students have to be registered with a local GP. There are various reasons for this, but it is principally so that immediate medical treatment or assessment is available to you if you are unwell at the time of the examinations. Registering may involve a routine medical check. A list of local doctors can be found here. You are required to register with a doctor within a fortnight of arriving in Cambridge, and you must inform the Tutorial Office of the doctor’s name. If there are particular reasons why this presents a problem in your case, you should discuss this in confidence with your Tutor without delay. When registering, you should note the surgery hours and arrangements for your general practitioner.

4.1.3 Dental Services

Students wishing to register as an NHS dental patient locally can find out which practices are accepting NHS patients using the NHS search facility. 

Students wishing to register as an NHS dental patient locally can find out which practices are accepting NHS patients using the NHS search facility. On this and other related matters, see the University guidance

4.1.4 First Aid

If a student injures himself or herself, he or she should seek assistance immediately from a First Aider or the College Nurse and complete an Accident Report Form (available at the Porters’ Lodge; see 5.1). The College First Aiders are listed below, though in addition all Porters are trained. If you are qualified in First Aid, please let the College Nurse know.


Diana Lloyd


College Nurse



Helen Stephens

Head Porter


Robert Watson

Deputy Head Porter


Duty Porter

Porters’ Lodge


Sandor Kovacs

Catering Department


Sotirios Lazarou

Bar Manager


Fabia Gawthorp

Housekeeping Department (7)68944

Howard Beaumont

IT Office


Shona Winnard

Development & Alumni Office


Shona Winnard

Development & Alumni Office


Richard Morgan

Development & Alumni Office


Sam Weekes

Gardens Department


Mark Reeder





Porters’ Lodge (2)



College Bar

College Offices (all floors)

Main Kitchen

Gallery landing (main Hall)

Gardens Department

Maintenance Department

Diamond, Cripps Court

Housekeeping Department


4.1.5 STDS

Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The College is concerned to ensure that all students are aware of the serious increase of sexually transmitted diseases in the UK. Any undergraduate who believes that they may have contracted an STD is advised to go for a check-up at iCaSH Lime Tree Clinic, Brookfields Hospital, 351 Mill Road, Cambridge, CB1 3DF.

In addition to your Tutor, both the Nurse and the Chaplain are available to give confidential advice on this subject, as are the JCR Welfare Officers.

4.1.6 Health Contacts

Useful addresses and telephone numbers:



URL if applicable

Addenbrooke’s Hospital

(incl. Accident & Emergency),  Hills Road

01223 245151


iCaSH Cambridgeshire

(i.e. STDs)

0300 300 3030


National Health Service   http://www.camstudenthealth.nhs.uk
University Counselling Service
2-3 Bene’t Place, Lensfield Road
01223 (3)32865* www.counselling.cam.ac.uk

Cambridge Students’ Unions’ Advice Service

01223 (7)46999*


The Samaritans

4 Emmanuel Road

08457 909090



01223 (7)44444*


Occupational Health Service

16 Mill Lane

01223 (3)36594*


4.1.7 A Selection of local Cambridge GPs

Wordsworth Grove, Newnham Tel: 01223 366811

48 Lensfield Road, Cambridge Tel: 01223 651020

56 Trumpington Street, Cambridge Tel: 01223 361611

4.1.8 Other Medical Services – Expeditions Abroad

The Occupational Health Service at 16 Mill Lane offers advice based on considerable experience to those going abroad during the Long Vacation on expeditions etc. It is advisable to book an appointment early in the year.
Phone: (3)36594, email: occhealth@admin.cam.ac.uk