​At Selwyn we are keen to receive applications from anyone who has the ability, ambition and academic potential to thrive in Cambridge. In the past, too many people have not considered applying to Cambridge because they felt, rightly or wrongly, that ‘it was not for them’ or they worry that they might not fit in socially. We are very committed to ensuring that all those considering their choice of university are well informed about the options that Cambridge has to offer, and are not put off by inaccurate, negative stereotypes, or by lack of information.

There is no denying that studying at Cambridge is hard work, that the competition for places is strong and that serious academic interest is required to prosper in our courses. If you are the sort of person who relishes a challenge, is deeply interested in your chosen subject, and who is prepared to ‘go the extra mile’, then we urge you to think about the possibility of study at Cambridge. 

Our Schools and Colleges Liaison Officer runs many different access and outreach events throughout the year, comprising of:

The University of Cambridge runs the Area Links Scheme which means that Selwyn College has particular responsibility for certain regions. Please visit the link area page for more information. 

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