The pilot for the Research Project competition has just finished where we recieved many high quality entries across several East Berkshire primary schools. The project competition was designed to build pupils' confidence in independent research and writing through supercurricular exploration.

16 winners along with parents/guardians were invited to celebrate their achievements in Cambridge on Friday 14th July. On the day, the pupils aged 9 – 11 years old took a coach up to Cambridge where Dr Stuart Eves delivered an introduction to the university and some of its history and discoveries. Dr Paul Elliot followed this up with an exciting sample lecture on experimental psychology.

The pupils had lunch at Selwyn, a tour of the College and the city centre, before participating in a project showcase where entrants had the opportunity to show off what they had learned through the process.

Each pupil was presented with a certificate and a Selwyn College teddy bear to commemorate their achievements. We are extremely impressed and proud of all the entries we recieved!

Read some of the projects for yourself here!

Lola Crossley – How does the brain work

โ€‹Abha Pandey – What is inspiration?

Anna Vasilov – Currency

Chiara Dos Santos Silva – Why do people fall in love?

Jennifer Czarnecka – Should footballers be paid so much money?

Ravin Mustafa – How have telescopes developed?


"It was well organised, all the people helping were nice/kind and they were useful. Also in some places it was very funny. ๐Ÿ™‚ I feel like I have benefitted as I have been given a taste of Cambridge which is useful if we come here again. Also I have found out new facts as I have learnt from my own project." – Pupil, aged 9

"I loved this day! It was amazing! I recommend that everyone does the research because the prize is fantastic. It has given me more independence and confidence." – Pupil, aged 10

"It was amazing and fabulouse while having fun, I learnt about the university and university life too. I learnt a lot. My research skills are better and I'm more confident. Thank you!" – Pupil, aged 10

"I would never have considered Cambridge Uni for my daughter as I thought too expensive, too posh, too white! But that doesn't feel like the case at all. It's now an aspiration." – Parent/Guardian

"Great day! Very friendly atmosphere. Very inspiring place. It shows my child that everyone can aim high. Well organised by very friendly, intelligent people." – Parent/Guardian


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