Our 2017 Selwyn College Summer School for Year 12 students has just finished. 44 students from across the UK took part in this year's summer school.

Students stayed for 3 nights at Selwyn College, enjoying a range of different sessions designed to challenge students academically. Participants had the opportunity to choose from a range of different subjects on offer including Law, Medicine, Archaeology, History, Computer Science, Chemistry, Astronomy etc. All lectures were delivered by academic staff at Cambridge and were designed to give participants an insight into what it is like to study at Cambridge and other top universities. 

As well as academic content, museum workshops and other subject-based sessions, participants also experienced life as a Cambridge student through a variety of social activities and by meeting current undergraduates who were Student Ambassadors. The Summer School served as an excellent opportunity to gain an insight into studying at top universities, receive help and support on applying to competitive universities, and meet peers from all over the UK.

Check out a student-created video of her experience:


“It was an amazing insight into the life of a student here at Cambridge. Throughout the summer school, I have been in awe by the facilities and the prospect of studying here. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed these 3 – 4 days and would absolutely recommend another student to apply. Thank you for the amazing experience, I cannot express enough my gratitude for this enlightening experience!” Elizabeth Nguyen, Peebles High School

“It’s a truly amazing experience. The opportunity to meet people from other students at Cambridge to admission tutors, really helps to dismiss the idea of Cambridge being a mysterious place. I'm more confident in making an Oxbridge application, as the admissions process was extremely well explained by everyone, and the advice given was consistent (e.g. by Michelle, the student helpers, tutors). Thank you!” Wing Wong, Blessed William Howard

“I think it has been incredibly beneficial in helping me gain a better understanding about life in university. It has allowed me to realise the possibilities and options that are available through the lectures I attended. It has given me so much information that I can utilise for my application to universities, not just Cambridge. It has given me the opportunity to meet people that are experience the same challenges I am.” Lei Angela Umbao, St Joseph’s Catholic High School

“I feel that I have made very good friends who will become an encouraging prospective Cambridge hopefuls support network. Every moment was genuinely amazing and incredibly surreal at times to actually be in the Cambridge University. I feel more motivated and understanding of how to become a serious Cambridge candidate in the following months. It’s also been immensely reassuring to meet real Cambridge students and professors who are just lovely, normal intelligent people. I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity! It was academically invigorating but also socially fun. Even if I don’t get into Cambridge I’ll be very grateful for the confidence in my academic ability that this course gave me.” Ada Nourell, Woodhouse College

“It has been an opportunity of a lifetime and I am so grateful. I can’t thank Michelle and all the staff enough for organising this. I have loved all the lectures and felt really at home and inspired in this environment. I also feel very motivated to apply and work my absolute hardest as this has confirmed that this is where I would like to study and feel well-suited to the teaching style and course. I feel more confident that this is achievable if I work hard enough and I now know how to write a competitive application.” Elisha Bagg, New College Pontefract

“Didn’t know what to expect but was greeted by a wall of friendly faces, helpful information and fascinating talks. Really encompassed all and more of what a Summer School should be!” Elisei Ulrich-Oltean, Horsforth High School

“It was thoroughly enjoyable. Every day was faultlessly organised and the activities were all both fun and educational. I’ve made new friends, gained an insight into all aspects of university life at Cambridge and found plenty of information and guidance on issues related to the application process. Very grateful to the staff and students of Selwyn for welcoming me – thank you so much!” Evie Rae, Guiseley School

“I feel so much more informed and confident about the application process. I certainly don’t feel as apprehensive as before. I was able to gain insight into university life as well as develop interests for subjects I never thought I would!” Erica Da Silva, Globe Academy


Please direct any enquiries to schools-liaison@sel.cam.ac.uk