Admissions and Schools Initiatives

Selwyn has a long-standing policy of trying to widen access. We welcome applications from able candidates regardless of any other consideration, and are constantly seeking to extend the range of schools and colleges that send us applicants. We are particularly keen to foster links with institutions that have not hitherto had a tradition of sending applicants to Cambridge in general, and Selwyn in particular. Selwyn has established specific access and outreach arrangements with schools in West Yorkshire, East Berkshire and two schools in Cambridgeshire, involving many events in those areas and a programme of visits to Selwyn. Selwyn also runs a programme of events with schools in Scotland in conjunction with Pembroke and Homerton Colleges.

All Selwyn students are encouraged to volunteer for the range of initiatives including helping out during Open Days,  Summer Schools, Target (visiting state schools in your home area), Shadowing, and visits from sixth-form schools. We have found that our current students have an invaluable part to play in these efforts and are in many ways our best ambassadors – and are excellent at helping to dispel the stereotypes and mystique that continue to surround Cambridge.

The College’s Access Committee brings together the JCR, MCR and Fellows to discuss outreach and widening participation strategy. If you have ideas for new activities or initiatives, the Committee will be very keen to hear about them. Please contact the JCR or MCR Access Officers or the Schools Liaison Officer about such matters.

To get involved please contact our Schools Liaison Officer (SLO), who leads much of the outreach activity with the help of the JCR Access Officer. His office is on the 1st Floor of the College Offices, Ann’s Court, as are those of our Admissions Officer, Mrs Stephanie Pym and the Admissions Tutors – Dr Daniel Beauregard, Dr Kirsty McDougall and Dr Stuart Eves.