Undergraduates who are admitted to read a combination of Triposes (e.g. Theology leading to Philosophy, or History leading to Law) are guaranteed transfer to their nominated second subject. Similarly, undergraduates who are admitted for a specified four-year combination are guaranteed the fourth year of study in question; this guarantee is not, however, transferable to other combinations.

The rules governing a change of subject after Part I that was not anticipated at the time of admission are as follows:

  • a transfer which does not lead to the addition of a fourth year is subject solely to the agreement of the Directors of Studies concerned, though with advice being sought from the undergraduate’s Tutor. The Director of Studies in the subject to which entry is sought will usually impose a qualifying hurdle, most commonly a 2.1 in the examination at the end of the year immediately preceding the proposed transfer
  • a transfer which involves an extension to a fourth year requires the approval of the College Council; this will not unreasonably be withheld in those cases where the transfer is a logical extension of a Part I course (e.g. Natural Sciences into Chemical Engineering). Where no such natural extension exists, the College Council will take into account the views of the Tutor and Directors of Studies involved, and will be looking for evidence of reasonable academic achievement and high motivation