In Natural Sciences, Engineering, and Mathematics, it is possible to take a degree over four years without a change of Tripos. The rules about who may progress to a fourth year are set by the relevant Faculty and vary from subject to subject. In some cases the College reserves the right to require a higher standard than that set by the relevant Faculty.

In Natural Sciences, the standard needed at Part II for progression to Part III varies from subject to subject. Students should first consult the information on the relevant page of the Natural Sciences Tripos web pages if they are considering a fourth year. There is an appeal process that effectively requires the support of the DoS and the College. So, if in doubt, consult your DoS.

In Engineering, in order to proceed to the MEng, a student must, in accordance with Faculty regulations, obtain at least a 2.2 in either their second or third year. In Selwyn, any student who obtains a Third at the end of their third year will have to obtain the permission of the College Council before being allowed to remain in residence for the MEng rather than take the BA degree. The pass standard in the MEng is roughly the equivalent of a 2.2.

In Mathematics, the standard for proceeding to Part III (MMath) is high, i.e. a good First. You should consult your DoS for the most up-to-date information.

In all cases, the final decision rests with the College Council.