The College supports students in many ways. One of these is financially. Selwyn students benefit from the various sources of support that are available centrally to students from all Colleges. Generally the way these can be accessed is through your Tutor, and sometimes the Senior Tutor, making a case to the relevant University body. The range of grants and funds is extensive.

Secondly, and like all Colleges, Selwyn has funds of its own for use in cases of student hardship or other need. Accessing the University funds can be dependent on a College contribution.

In addition there are various funds that are less to do with hardship or particular needs and targeted instead at particular activities or subject areas.

This section of the Guide outlines what is available in all three of these categories.

5.5.1 Student Support Funds

The need for support is difficult to define in a precise way, but for the purposes of assessing eligibility for interest-free loans or grants, it is taken to mean: ‘being unable to meet the reasonable (in the College’s view) costs of accommodation, maintenance, study, and living expenses, whilst having drawn fully on normally available resources, and not having incurred any foreseeable unreasonable expenditure’.

The College has various Trust funds available to help alleviate financial difficulty. The size of loans or grants varies according to circumstances. The amount does not usually exceed c£500, but larger loans or grants can sometimes be made in exceptional circumstances.

There is also a fund (the ‘Hepper Fund’) to assist disabled students and a fund (the ‘Dawson Fund’) dedicated to the support of students with serious mental health problems.

If you wish to be considered for a College support loan or grant, you should first discuss your circumstances in detail with your Tutor. You will then need to complete an application form setting out your financial position and showing all sources of income and other resources (e.g. loans, savings from vacation work, legacies, scholarships etc) and how your circumstances have changed since the time you submitted your financial undertaking form at the time of your arrival in College. The form should be completed and submitted to your Tutor as an electronic document rather than a hard copy. Your Tutor will then complete a separate section and will forward the form to the Senior Tutor. Based on the details of your application, the Senior Tutor who will make a recommendation for consideration by the Master and Bursar.

Student Support Application Form.

5.5.2 University Funds

Like the College, the University is committed to providing financial support where unforeseen hardship occurs. See the following link for more information:

There is a range of support available centrally from the University as well as College support.

The key University support fund operates on the assumption that any given student will usually only receive a maximum of £2,000 per annum. Tutors apply on behalf of students for funding, the deadlines being at the division (mid-point) of each term.  Details of the scheme, an updated application form and updated guidance will be available from the commencement of Michaelmas Term 2016 at the following:

5.5.3 Cambridge Bursary Scheme

If you are a UK/EU student and your household income is below £42,620 you are likely to be eligible for an annual Cambridge Bursary of up to £3,500 per year.  Further details are available at: Scottish students are asked to note that they may still be eligible for a Cambridge Bursary even if they are not in receipt of a maintenance grant.  They should consult the Cambridge Bursary website in the first instance.

Every year some eligible students do not apply for an income assessment through the Student Loans Company. Without that they cannot receive a Bursary. You do not have to take up a loan if offered, but you do have to apply to be able to receive any Bursary to which you are entitled.

5.5.4 Childcare Bursaries

The College pays into a University Bursary Fund for Childcare which provides grants to overseas and EU student parents. If you have childcare costs while you study here, both pre-school and after school, you should ask your Tutor for details and complete an application form in the Michaelmas Term.

Eligible Home students with children receive financial support through public funding. In a few cases this is not the case and a fund exists to make small awards to support childcare costs incurred by Home students in financial hardship under the remit of the Childcare Office for Home student parents. Details of the scheme will be advertised on their webpages before the commencement of Michaelmas Term 2016.

5.5.5 Medical Expenses

Crane’s Charity exists to support students who are ill and who can demonstrate financial   need.

5.5.6 Chapel Funds

There are a number of funds available to help students intending to take Holy Orders in the Church of England, or to engage in overseas missionary work. There is also a fund to assist members of the College who are the sons or daughters of Anglican clergy. Students who think that they may be eligible should contact the Dean of Chapel.

5.5.7 Music Awards

Around six Choral Exhibitions (£100 per annum, normally tenable for three years) are offered each year, for all voices. Holders of Choral awards form the nucleus of the Chapel Choir. All members of the Choir are expected to attend all rehearsals and services, participate in periodic concerts, recordings, tours etc, and take an active part in the general musical life of the College.

Instrumental Awards (£100 per annum, normally tenable for three years) are offered every year for certain instruments. Instrumental award holders also receive professional ensemble coaching and subsidies for their instrumental lessons. For details, see the current Cambridge Admissions Prospectus.

Organ Scholarships (£450 per annum, normally tenable for three years) are offered in two out of every three years. The Organ Scholar’s responsibilities include playing for Sunday services, and any other non- Choral services, and assisting the Director of Music in the preparation of all Choral services and practice. The Scholar is expected to take a leading part in the musical life of the College, and to conduct and arrange concerts in consultation with the Director of Music.

5.5.8 Sports Grants

As a result of generous donations made by alumni, the College has a number of funds available to help members of the College with their sporting expenses, especially those competing at University level or at national level. There is an application form for these grants, and the procedure for applying will be advertised in the Michaelmas and Lent Terms for completion at the beginning of the following Term. Grants will only be made to cover expenses incurred during the academic year during which the claim is made and not retrospectively for the previous year(s). In some cases this may entail an estimate being made of the expenditure that will be incurred during Easter Term. In exceptional circumstances grants may be made to help College teams with the costs of kit, hire of facilities or the purchase of specialist equipment. It is, however, anticipated that clubs will usually apply to the Societies Fund for support and that they should also explore other funding opportunities such as sponsorship before making an application to the Sports Grants funds.  Further details and an application form are available.

5.5.9 Awards for which no application is necessary

In addition to the Scholarships and Prizes that are awarded for academic excellence, the College makes some further awards upon the nomination of Tutors.

Tallow Chandlers Awards.

Each year two students are nominated by the Tutors for Tallow Chandlers Awards on the grounds of their academic excellence and general contribution to the life of the College. There is no application form.

Christopher Johnson Awards

Each year two students are nominated by the Tutors for Christopher Johnson awards on the grounds of their academic and other contributions to the life of the College. These awards are made to mark the long service of our Honorary Fellow, Dr Christopher Johnson, to the Selwyn College Association. There is no application form.

5.5.10 Bowman Scholarship

The Bowman Scholarship, tenable at Selwyn, is intended to assist with the fees and maintenance of a former member of Nottingham High School who wishes to read for an advanced degree of the University of Cambridge or for the BA degree as an affiliated student; or whose undergraduate course entails a fourth year of study for which the public funding element is not available. The Scholarship is tenable for one year, but in certain circumstances may be renewed for a further one or two years. In determining its value the College Council will take into account any other emoluments received by the Bowman Scholar, but it is not expected that it will ordinarily exceed £5,000 a year. Application forms are obtainable from the Senior Tutor. The closing date for applications is 15 February.