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Friends Of Selwyn


Registered Charity No. 1137517  

Grads 2015 

Selwyn College prides itself on its traditions and its sense of community. We want to ensure that we maintain our Victorian founders' vision that the best education should be open to all, whatever their background.

We have strong alumni communities, and we're introducing Friends of Selwyn for two reasons. First, to strengthen the support alumni are able to give to the College's educational and charitable activities, and to recognise the generosity of our donors. Second, to expand the Selwyn community to include people who haven't studied here - but who may be relatives of existing or former students, our neighbours in Cambridge or simply anyone who believes in the kind of academic community we have created. The challenges to higher education are significant, and Selwyn needs to work hard to secure the best future for its students and teaching; and that is why we want to welcome everyone who shares our vision and would like to become part of College life. We warmly invite you to become an official Friend of Selwyn.
There are three levels of association:

 Selwyn Friend (from £75)

 Selwyn Patron (from £1,500)

 Master's Circle (from £10,000)

If you are an alumnus who already gives £75 or more a year: thank you. You'll be automatically enrolled at the appropriate level. If as an alumnus you choose not to become a Friend, you will still receive the benefits you currently get. But we hope you will be excited by the new events and activities we are planning which are designed to give all Friends of Selwyn regular opportunities to engage intellectually and socially in the best Cambridge tradition. For anyone, whether they studied here or not, to become a Selwyn Patron or a member of the Master's Circle will give additional benefits that recognise how grateful we are for the support given to the College. Please join us if you can: you would be most welcome. 

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  • Selwyn Friend (from £75pa)
    • As a Selwyn Friend you will receive complimentary copies of the regular College publications in print and/or by email. These will allow you to follow news of Selwyn and its alumni, friends and Fellows.
    • Invitations to a programme of events organised for Friends of Selwyn in London, Cambridge and elsewhere.
    • Invitations to the Annual Summer Garden Party at Selwyn College and to the London Carol Service.
  • Selwyn Patron (from £1,500pa)
    • As a Selwyn Patron, you will receive all of the above as well as enjoying priority booking for all those events organised exclusively for the Friends of Selwyn, plus
    • Invitation to an annual Selwyn Patrons' Dinner
  • Master's Circle (from £10,000pa)
    • As a member of the Master's Circle you will receive all of the above, plus
    • Invitation to the Lyttelton Dinner (annual black tie event for the College's principal benefactors)
    • Invitation to a Master's Lodge event where small groups of students, Fellows and guests are invited to join in conversations on contemporary issues with leading figures from politics, media, business and academe. Followed by an invitation to dine at High Table
    • Free accommodation at Selwyn (subject to availability)
    To view a full list of events offered by the College, including those for which Friends of Selwyn are entitled to advanced booking, please click here.  

Selwyn College exists to provide access to some of the best education in the world. Its Fellows are committed to academic excellence and they, together with all the staff at Selwyn, work hard to provide a community where everyone will achieve the best they can. It has been a place of learning, knowledge, friendship and inspiration for over 130 years and, as a Friend of Selwyn, you are part of this tradition and part of its future.

Roger Mosey


Become a Friend of Selwyn