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Selwyn English Fellows

Dr Jean Chothia

Reader Emerita in Drama and Theatre.

Jean Chothia has research interests in drama, dramatic language and Shakespeare in performance. Forging a Language: A Study of the Plays of Eugene O’Neill; André Antoine and French Theatre; English Drama of the Early Modern Period, 1890-1940; and (as editor) The New Woman and other Female Emancipation Plays; and Bernard Shaw ‘Saint Joan’ (new Mermaids).

Dr Philip Connell

University Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies in English

Philip Connell studied Literature and Philosophy at Liverpool University, and came to Cambridge to work on a Ph.D. at King’s College. He held a Research Fellowship at St. John’s College, Cambridge before moving to Selwyn. His principal research and teaching interests lie in the period 1650-1850. He is the author of Romanticism, Economics and the Question of ‘Culture’, and co-editor of Romanticism and Popular Culture in Britain and Ireland.

Dr Sarah Meer

University Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies in English

Sarah Meer teaches nineteenth- and twentieth-century British and American literature.Her research interests include discussions of race and slavery in the mid-nineteenth century, the relationships between literature and popular culture (especially the theatre and spectacular entertainments),and African-American literature. Her book Uncle Tom Mania: Slavery, Minstrelsy and Transatlantic Culture in the 1850s was published in 2005, and she has also co-edited, with Denise Kohn and Emily Todd, Transatlantic Stowe: Harriet Beecher Stowe and European Culture (2006).