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Information for Fellows


High Table Bookings

College Diary (As iCal file for download into Outlook) -  how to open College Diary in Outlook so it updates automatically

DoSBook – Directors of Studies’ Booking System
DoSBook – Directors of Studies’ Booking System (mobile friendly)
TutorBook – Tutors’ Booking System
TutorBook – Tutors’ Booking System (mobile friendly)

Fellows’ directory
Fellows Group Mailing Lists
Telephone-email directory
Council and GB papers

Guide for Fellows(pdf)

Timetable of CC and GB Meetings (pdf)
Council Constituency List (pdf)

Membership of Committees and Other Appointments (pdf)
College Entertainments List (pdf)

Sustainability Policy (pdf)

Sustainable Travel Policy (pdf)

Fellows' Event Booking Form

Fellows' Room Booking Charges (pdf)
HighTable and other Fellows’ Charges (pdf)

Cafeteria Guidlines (pdf)
Key College Staff – contact list (pdf)
Bye-Fellowships and Associates Regulations (pdf)
Guidance for mentors of new fellows (pdf)
Gym Usage Policy (pdf)

College Stationery Templates

Fellows’ Sabbatical Leave Form (pdf)
Fellows’ Sabbatical Leave Form (CTO) (doc)

Fellows’ Short Term Leave Form (pdf)

Academic Allowance Form 2022-23 (pdf)
Academic Allowance Form 2022-23 (doc)

Fellows’ General Travel Expense Claims (.xls)

The Wine Steward’s Letter December 2022 (pdf)
Fellows’ Wine List December 2022 (pdf)
Fellows’ Wine Order Form (docx)

Booking College Offices Meeting Room (now via Forum)


Documentation and links for users of the Selwyn College administrative network. See also:

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Pay College Bill
Employment Documentation
Staff Handbook
Health and Safety
Information for Heads of Departments