Wednesday 5th June

The story of the Black Country is distinctive because of the scale, drama, intensity and multiplicity of the industrial might that was unleashed. It first emerged in the 1830s, creating the first industrial landscape anywhere in the world. It is this that we rejoice in and want to share with you.

Our award-winning corner of the West Midlands is now one of the finest and largest open-air museums in the United Kingdom. After very humble beginnings, a bright idea and 40 years of inspiration, this is twenty six acres worth exploring. Amazing as it may seem, we have created a ‘place’ – a real and lively place, where once there was nothing and nobody. With a village and charismatic residents to chat with, trams to ride, games to play, things being made, stories to hear. People, their triumphs to admire and troubles to be thankful that are not ours. Time to be well spent.

If you are old enough, you may just be looking for nostalgia and that is fine but equally, we believe that history shouldn’t be seen as a safe haven in a fast changing and challenging world, but a catalyst for thinking and reflection about our own lives.  We hope you have a fabulous and thought-provoking time.

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Depart college 8:00am
Depart museum 5:00pm


Staff taking this as their FREE outing will be reimbursed up to £20 on presentation (to Sally Clayson) of receipts for entrance to attractions and/or food and drink (no alcohol).

Guest Price for coach: £20 pp

* Other staff are very welcome.


Applications must be received by Wednesday 15th April.

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