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Welcome to the Tutorial Webpage for Graduate Students at Selwyn College. On this page you will find information on the following topics:

Contacting Your Tutor

Dr Smith is available to see his students by appointment and can be contacted by email.

Dr Jarvis is available to see his students by appointment and can be contacted by email

Dr Faul, is available to see her students by appointment and can be contacted by email

Dr Webb, is available to see her students by appointment and can be contacted by email

The Revd Canon Hugh Shilson-Thomas is the Chaplain to the whole College community. As Dean of Chapel he is responsible for the Chapel and what happens in it. But as the Chaplain, his role is to offer care and support to all members of the College, whether they have any particular religious beliefs or not. You are welcome to speak with him in confidence about any matter of concern. He has rooms in Old Court (D7, behind the sundial) – and you are welcome to knock on his door. However, most students find it easiest to contact him by email (hds21) in the first instance, or by phone on (01223) 335875. In case of difficulty, the Porters can usually reach him at short notice when necessary.

Money Matters

Students frequently approach us to ask about financial matters. There is important information on this in your student guide, but we are always glad to help if you are having problems. If the problems are with your granting authority, you may, in the first instance, wish contact whichever one is relevant:

There is also a General Research Councils page.

If that doesn’t help, then do ask within College. If you have questions regarding your College Bill, you should contact the College Bursary (phone (7)69498) or e-mail the Bursar, Mr Martin Pierce.

In cases of unforeseen and extreme financial hardship it is possible to request assistance from the College. You should first come to discuss the matter with your Tutor who can then provide you with the relevant form (a copy can be found here) to apply for assistance from the Student Support Funds. Complete the form in consultation with your Tutor, who will then forward it to the appropriate College Officers for decision. The Tutors also have experience of helping previous students and can sometimes suggest other sources from which funds have previously been sought.

If you are seeking large sums in order to finance further study you should consult the Grants Register, a copy of which is held in the Tutorial Office. You should also look at http://webservices.admin.cam.ac.uk/camfunds

College Grants for Graduates

Graduates should note that the College now has two separate funds available to support the academic work of MCR members. In addition to work-related travel grants (approximate in value to those given in previous years), there is a second fund to which graduates may apply – for help in covering the costs of essential items such as books, software, meeting registration, etc. Please contact your tutor for details and clarification. Application for either fund is made using the same form. There are no closing dates; applications may be submitted at any time. It is usually a good idea to discuss the application with your Tutor before you fill in the form. Completed forms should be submitted to your Tutor who will forward them for decisions within a few days.

There is also the Beker Mathematics Fund, as its title implies, for Mathematicians only.

Graduates wishing to apply for a non work-related College grant should use the online form and ensure that their applications are submitted by the closing date.

Thesis Submission

Those of you undertaking M.Litt. or Ph.D. theses will qualify for a grant from the College. This will be paid automatically when confirmation of submission is received from The Student Registry (previously known as the  Board of Graduate Studies). If you find yourself in unexpected financial circumstances that may prevent the completion of your thesis, you may apply for assistance from the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane.

Help around College

A number of other types of matters may arise with which you may need assistance.

If you want to acquire an e-mail address and an account to use the College Computer facilities, or if you have a query arising from your use of the facilities, you should contact the IT Manager, to make an appointment.

The Master is available to see students at certain times of the week. See the Noticeboard outside the Hall for details. He can be contacted by e-mail on master@sel.cam.ac.uk or by making an appointment with his Assistant (phone: 35890).

Should you require such things as confirmation of your student status or membership of the College, please contact the Assistant to the Graduate Tutors,  Mrs Samantha Carr, (31910)  who can provide standard forms that will satisfy, for example, council tax certificates or authorities needing confirmation of status for short-term visas.

If you need to discuss routine financial and some administrative matters, you should contact the BursarMr Martin Pierce. On travel grants, unexpected financial hardship, Access Funds and other, similar matters please go through your Tutor.

If the matter requires remedial work to be done to your room or to other College plant, there is an online request form, (https://www.sel.cam.ac.uk/maintenance/) which is accessible using your Raven Password.  If it is urgent, please ask the Porter on duty to report it to the Maintenance Department, whose head is Mr Doug Benzie (phone 35851).

The  Executive Head Chef, Mr Matthew Rowe, is always glad to discuss the provision of meals that conform to special dietary requirements of a medical, religious or ethical nature.  He is also the person to contact if you wish to organise events catered in College.  Mr Rowe can be contacted on 35480 or by e-mail.

When organising any function in College it is necessary to agree the booking of a room and the ground rules for the function with the Dean, Dr Charlotte Summers. Dr Summers can be contacted e-mail or through the Head PorterMs Helen Stephens.  The number for the Porters’ Lodge is 35846, the Lodge can also be contacted by e-mail.

You should also inform the Porters’ Lodge of your address if you live out, and leave a forwarding address there when you leave Cambridge.

When you have successfully completed all the requirements of your course, the PraelectorDr Stewart Sage, will be in charge of the process by which you are awarded the degree. Questions about the dates of degree congregations (they are on certain Saturday afternoons in Full Term and in July), taking degrees in absence, invitation of guests to lunch before the ceremony, academical dress for the ceremony, or other matters concerning the taking of the degree in person or in absentia should be directed to Dr Sage or his Assistant, Mrs Samantha Carr (phone 31910).

The Congregation dates for this academic year are: 21 October 2017, 25 November 2017, 27 January 2018 (in absence only), 24 February 2018 (in absence only), 28 April 2018, 19 May 2018 and 21 July 2018.

Dr Sage needs at least 14 days notice before any Congregation for the necessary paperwork to be completed in time for a student to graduate.  In circumstances where the gap between approval by Board of Graduate Studies and the congregation is very small, please contact Dr Sage, as special arrangements may have to be made.

Rooms and Housing

Most routine questions about the rents on rooms, room allocations, the room ballot, and the possibility of changing rooms (often slim) are best addressed to the Fellow for Rooms, Dr James Moultrie (please contact him by e-mail).

The ballot for choice of rooms for the next academic year takes place every Easter Term and is overseen by the MCR Committee. Graduate Rooms are available in Cripps Court, the hostels at 21, 23, 25, 29 and 31 Grange Road, and 21 West Road.

The Fellow for Rooms annually publishes guidelines concerning the allocation of rooms and the ballotting procedure in the Student Accommodation Handbook.  Nearer the time of the ballot these will be updated to give more details and circulated.  The Student Accommodaton Handbook also contains fuller details of who is eligible to ballot.  Briefly, we guarantee you the duration of your course or three years in College accommodation, whichever is the shorter.  One plus three funding arrangements sadly do not carry with them a fourth year of eligibility.  In addition if you choose to live out for a year that counts towards your quota of years when you are eligible to ballot.  This is done to fit all our students in for as much time as possible.  A supplementary ballot is run late in the summer if rooms are available for the coming year.

A few College Flats are available for rent.  As these are limited in number, priority is given to members of College with families rather than single occupants.  We do not know how many tenants will be staying on from year to year, or how many newcomers there will be with partners and/or children, so it is impossible to say for sure just how many flats may be available at any time.  If you wish to be considered for a flat from 1 October please contact the Fellow for Rooms or the Accommodation Officer.  Flats are allocated in the early Summer.

Mrs Jeffries, the Domus Manager, is responsible for the contents of rooms.  She is the person whom you should contact if you have any problems with furniture or other contents of your room or if you have questions about the room’s decoration.  You should always contact her before you bring any new items of furniture into your room.  Details of what is and is not permissible can be found in the Students Guide.  You can contact Mrs Jeffries in B1 between 10.30 a.m. and 3.00 p.m. every weekday, via e-mail, or phone her on 35893.

If you have problems with your heating, electrical fittings, plumbing or the structure of a building you should contact the Porters’ Lodge or, during working hours, the Maintenance department.  If the problem is non-urgent you should enter the problem in the online request form, (https://www.sel.cam.ac.uk/maintenance/).  The Head of Maintenance, Mr Benzie, and his staff will deal with any problems as quickly as they can.  Each year the Maintenance department has various works to carry out around College, notably the repainting of rooms.  We strive to give as much notice as possible of such activity and hope that it will be possible to indicate at the time of the rooms ballot which staircases or hostels are likely to be affected.

College Events

Here are some dates of significance in 2017 – 18 that may be useful to you:

Friday 29 September – Graduate Matriculation Dinner

Tuesday 3 October – Full Term begins

Friday 1 December – Full Term ends

Wednesday 6 December – Graduate Students’ Entertainment

Tuesday 16 January – Full Term begins

Wednesday 21 February – Graduate Students’ Entertainment

Friday 16 March – Full Term ends

Tuesday 24 April – Full Term begins

Friday 15 June – Full Term ends

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