Here you will find information about our annual programme of Summer Events for students at UK Schools.

2019 Summer Programme

Year 12 Medicine Residential
Dates: 24th – 25th June 2019
Year Group: Year 12 or equivalent
Experience life as a Medical student at the University of Cambridge by taking part in this one-night residential. The first day will consist of lectures, practicals and supervisions that reflect the pre-clinical part of the Cambridge course (years 1-3), whilst the second day will comprise sessions that reflect the clinical component (years 4-6). There will also be sessions of the course at Cambridge and support with the Admissions process. All lectures, practical sessions and supervisions will be delivered by academic staff and will be designed to be interesting but also to challenge the participants academically and demonstrate the nature of medical study at Cambridge.

Year 11 Arts and Humanities Summer School
Dates: 24th – 27th June 2019
Travel (virtually) through the Italian peninsula with University of Cambridge scholars as your guide, and explore subjects including English, Linguistics, Film Studies, Languages, Art History, Archaeology and History. By taking part in lectures, supervisions, seminars and workshops, and a wide range of social activities, participants will gain a real life insight into what it is like to live and study at top universities such as Cambridge.

Year 12 Subject Residential
Dates: 1st – 2nd July and 2nd – 4th July 2019
Year Group: Year 12 or equivalent
Get first-hand insight into what it is like to study at the University of Cambridge. Students will stay for one or two nights at Selwyn College and take part in lectures, supervisions and other activities that reflect one of four subject areas:
All sessions will be delivered by academic staff and are designed to be interesting and challenging. There will also be a chance to meet current students and get advice on the admissions process. Please click one of the subjects above for further information about each residential and to apply.

Year 12 Climate Change Curation Project
Dates: 19th – 24th August 2019
Year Group: Year 12 or equivalent
Become part of a world-class museum team and research institute for a week to devise and curate an exhibition on climate change that will go on public display at The Polar Museum (University of Cambridge) in Autumn 2019. Throughout the week, you will be experiencing life as an undergraduate, eating, living and socialising at your base in Selwyn College, and will gain valuable insight into how you can best prepare for university applications.
(Photo credit: Martin Bond / Scott Polar Research Institute (2017))

Information for Participants

Code of Conduct

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