… are provided by:

The University Information Services (UIS)

The University Information Services provides a wide range of central services for use by students and staff across the University. In particular, they provide email, internet and network connectivity in general.

Selwyn College

We provide, through the IT Office:


Almost all departments and faculties have IT provision suited to the needs of their academic discipline or disciplines. You can find out what is available by navigating to the relevant web site. There are links to each web site at http://www.cam.ac.uk/deptdirectory/.

Free software available through the UIS

You can download free McAfee anti-virus software to protect your personal devices from malware, and get a University of Cambridge Microsoft account, which gives you access to Office 365 ProPlus and a 1TB OneDrive for Business filestore to use while you are here. You also get a discount on Dropbox subscriptions, and access to the Google G Suite. These are available here.

General Note

In all cases, you need to be aware of the facilities that are available and the conditions that attach to their use. You should read carefully the Selwyn College’s Acceptable Use Policy and the documents referenced in it.

You must install and maintain software to make your computer safe to use on our network. Unfortunately, the freedom granted by the internet gives rise to a variety of malpractices which, if you are not properly aware of them and act to forestall them can, affect (and infect) not only your own computer but other computers on our network through the medium of your computer. It is essential therefore that you adhere to best practice and install current antivirus software, and enable a firewall on your system, the IT Office can assist with this if you are in any doubt.