Network Connections

Wired Internet connections are available in all bedrooms throughtout the College, and Wireless is available in most locations, please see the Network Connections page for more details.

Computer Rooms

There are 2 main computer rooms in the College, located in the lower ground floor (near to the JCR) in Ann's Court, and in the Library. Each of the rooms is equipped with PC's available for your use using your 'Desktop Services' password. Each PC has Microsoft Office, Linux and a number of other usefull applications installed. All computers are also setup to print to the two Multifunction Printer/Copier/Scanners, in these 2 locations

Printing/Copying and Scanning

As above the College has 2 Multifunction printer/copier/scanners (MFP), allowing you to print in colour or monochrome, A3 and A4 sizes, and duplex or single sided. To print to them print to the 'Selwyn Findme' printer from one of the computer in the computer rooms, then goto the MFP and swipe your University Card located on the right hand side of the machine. The MFP will then log you in and allow you to release your jobs sent to it for printing, or copy or scan to your Cambridge email.

Charges for printing, copying, scanning

Black 4p per A4 side, 8p per A3 side, so double sided A4 costs 8p, A3 16p
Colour 15p per A4 side, 25p per A3 side, so double sided A4 costs 30p, A3 50p
Scanning costs 1p per side

You can top up your DS-Print eCredit here.

IT Office

The IT Office is located on the 2nd floor of Ann's Court, and is open 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. The IT Office is here to help you with any IT related enquiries you may have, examples may include: problems you have getting connected to the network, Virus removal, re-installation of your machine, general laptop device problems, how to setup your Hermes email, and advice on hardware/software purchases.

If you have problems with your machine, or issues using any of the IT facilities in College please contact us for advice via email helpdesk@sel, phone 01223 335850 or by calling into the office


The University offer all Cambridge University Students/Fellows and Staff a email address, which can be accessed by something called 'Hermes'. Please check this account frequently as its an essential form of communication in the University. The easiest way to access this email is via a web browser by visiting , this email can also be setup in virtually all Windows/Mac email clients, and on tablets/smartphones, in addition it can be forwarded on to an exisiting email account. More details can be found here.


An facilities Charge is applicable to all Selwyn students, a component of this charge is to cover some of the costs involved with the provision of these facilities. Additional fees for a premium internet allowance, and printing are applicable and detailed in there respective sections. Please see the Fees and Charges document via for more details on applicable charges.

Unlike most consumer broadband providers, the College is charged by the University for each GB of data it uses, as well as a fixed annual cost for the connection itself, in addition the MCS machines have an annual subscription for their software, and the MFP printing, incurs a per page, and an annual cost from the University.