8.0.1 Selwyn College People and Contacts

The College community works because we all pull together for a common good. One of the best pieces of advice for any member of our community is that one can never be too polite or too respectful in dealings with other members of College, whatever their role or status. Your life will be much easier if you maintain good relationships with other members of the Selwyn community.

This section of the Guide gives you information about who does what and what facilities are available to you.

8.0.2 The Master and Fellows

Selwyn College was founded by Royal Charter in 1882 in memory of George Augustus Selwyn, Bishop  of New Zealand from 1841 to 1868, and Bishop of Lichfield from 1868 to 1878. It attained full collegiate status in the University in 1957. Further details can be found in Professor Brock’s History of the College and in ‘Selwyn Celebrated 1882–2007’ which are on sale in the Porters’ Lodge.

The Master of the College is Mr Roger Mosey. The Vice-Master is Dr Janet O’Sullivan. The Bursar is Mr Nick Downer. The Senior Tutor is Dr Mike Sewell.

The Teaching Fellows, Research Fellows and Bye-Fellows, with their subjects, are listed in a separate page.

In common with other Cambridge colleges, the Director of Studies in certain of the smaller subjects at Selwyn is a member of the relevant University Department or a Fellow of another college. Present external Directors of Studies are:

(Note: The last column contains email links, to which '@cam.ac.uk' must be added.)





Professor P Russell, Department of Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic



Professor Koen Steemers, Dept of Architecture


Chemical Engineering

Dr S L Rough



Mr S Watts, Homerton College



Dr I S Black, Clare Hall


History of Art

Dr A Gannon, St Edmund’s College


Land Economy

Dr S T Larcom, Dept of Land Economy


Natural Sciences

Dr J M Stegenga, Dept of History and Philosophy of Science jms303


Dr M Steenhagen, Faculty of Philosophy ms2416
Physics Dr D Venkateshvaran, Department of Physics dv246

Veterinary Science

Professor M E Herrtage, Department of Veterinary Medicine (Clinical Adviser)


8.0.3 The Tutorial and Admissions Office

 The Tutorial Office Manager and Senior Tutor’s Assistant (Miss Gina Vivian-Neal), the Admissions Officer (Mrs Stephanie Pym), the Graduate Admissions Officer and Praelector's Assistant (Mrs Samantha Carr) and the Tutorial Administrator (Mrs Karen Hopper) have their offices on the 1st Floor of the College Offices in Ann’s Court. Arrangements are made here for Matriculation (formal admission as a member of the University), entry to examinations, dealing with routine tutorial paperwork, issuing of grant cheques, and all admissions business.

The Tutors to undergraduates are Dr Mike Sewell (Senior Tutor), Dr Charlotte Woodford, Dr Daniel Beauregard, Mrs Haruko Laurie, Dr Rupert Thompson, Dr Stewart Sage, Dr Amer Rana, Dr Stuart Eves, Dr Joe Sampson and Dr Alan Howard.

The Tutors for Graduate Students are Dr  David  Smith, Dr  Gavin  Jarvis, Dr Anita Faul and Dr Heather Webb. 

The undergraduate Admissions Tutors are Dr Daniel Beauregard, Dr Stuart Eves and Dr Kirsty McDougall.