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Records of Selwyn


We collect records of Selwyn College and papers of Bishop Selwyn, the Selwyn family, individuals connected with the foundation of the College, fellows and alumni. Details of the terms of our Collection Policy are available here.
The collections here are an important resource for researchers interested in nineteenth century ecclesiastical history, in particular missionary activity in the South Pacific. They may also be useful to local and family historians investigating individuals with a Selwyn College connection.

The College Archives comprise typical records of a Cambridge College:

  • the Charter, Statutes and Regulations, 1881-1999;
  • Committee Minutes, Agendas and papers, 1879-2007;
  • Master’s files, 1879-2000;
  • Fellows’ files, 1925-2002; undergraduates’ records, 1882-1949;
  • Bursar’s files, 1884-1997;
  • Accounts, 1879-2007 (including records of the Selwyn Memorial Fund, 1879-82);
  • Trust Deeds and fundraising records, 1882-1957;
  • Title Deeds and property records, 1879-1999;
  • Chapel records, 1895-2002;
  • Library records, 1881-2000;
  • Minutes and papers of Clubs and Societies, 1882-2006;
  • Photographs, 1883-2000;
  • Plans, 1887-1997;
  • Publications, 1894-2002.

Notable collections of Personal Papers include:
The links on the names will redirect you to the entry for each individual on the National Register of Archives which is maintained by the National Archives.
George Augustus Selwyn (1809-78), Bishop of New Zealand.
Correspondence and papers, 1831-72.
These include diaries, 1841-4 and 1857; a letterbook, 1840-60; and correspondence, 1831-72, including letters to Edward Coleridge, 1842-65, and correspondence of William Charles Cotton, 1841-7.

John Coleridge Patteson (1827-71), Bishop of Melanesia.
Diaries and correspondence, 1854-70.

Frederick Shipley Marsh (1886-1953), Professor of Divinity.
Correspondence and papers, 1903-43.