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Chapel and Choir


Selwyn Chapel with a rainbow

Selwyn College Chapel is a space set apart at at the heart of college for beauty, peace and the life of the spirit; and as a focus for our common life.

Newnham College shares Selwyn's Chapel, since its nondenominational foundation means it has no chapel of its own.

Services in chapel are in the Christian Anglican tradition, and are open to those of all faiths, of none, and of everything in between.

All services are open to the public.

A brief history of the chapel can be found in the history section of this site. 

Chapel services happen daily and weekly in term, and our choral services are all livestreamed here.

For full details of the term's programme, see our chapel card and music list. You can also hear the organ in recital every Thursday lunchtime during term.

Our exceptional choir offers choral and organ scholarships to undergraduate students, and enhanced scholarships to postgraduates. 

To find out more about people in chapel, how to donate and how to become a friend of the choir follow the links. 

To join our mailing list for a weekly email in term time, email