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Student Accommodation


Welcome to Selwyn College Student Accommodation. We offer a variety of accommodation to suit all needs. We have three main Courts; Old Court, Cripps Court and Ann’s Court. We also have a range of hostels located down Grange Road, West Road, Fulbrooke Road and Eltisley Avenue.
Please have a look through the floorplans of all our properties, many have photos of the rooms to browse through also.
When looking through the floorplans, hovering your cursor over a room will display details such as the rent code and the facilities that room offers. To view photos of the room, please click on it and, if available, the photo will appear.
If you have any questions about the rooms please do get in touch with the Accommodation Officer using the following email address:

All College accommodation is registered with the Accreditation Network UK (ANUK) and conforms with their Code of Practice relating to standards of residential student accommodation. For details of the Code see:

Students in Selwyn Accommodation

Please select the floor plan you wish to see.

Accommodation Map

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