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  • The college has welcomed its new undergraduate and postgraduate students, with a series of introductory events – and the traditional photographs in Old Court.

    The photo below of undergraduate freshers was taken on Monday 3 October by Howard Beaumont.

    Undergrauate Matriculation 2022

    Graduate students arrived a little earlier, and their matriculation was on Friday 30 September. They’re seen in a more informal pose. This year’s postgraduate intake represents 35 different countries: Algeria, Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark , France, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, Italy, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Republic of Korea, Japan, Kenya, Malaysia, Myanmar, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, USA, UK and Zambia.

    Graduate Matriculation 2022

    We wish all our new students success in their studies, and we are delighted that they are now part of our community.

  • The college will welcome two new Research Fellows this autumn.

    Zeina Al Azmeh joins us in October as the Centenary Research Fellow. She completed her PhD in Sociology at Selwyn and her work sits at the intersection of the political sociology of knowledge, memory studies and migration studies. More specifically, she studies the cultural sociologies of knowledge production in exile and their impact upon political subjectivity, with a focus on revolutions and counter-revolutions in the Middle East. In 2021-22 she was awarded a research grant from the Arab Council for the Social Sciences to expand on her dissertation and complete a monograph, which is currently under review with Cambridge University Press. The monograph offers a cultural sociology of Syrian intellectuals, examining their role in civil resistance and the Syrian Revolution of 2011. A native of Syria, Zeina was also trained as a pianist and a composer and holds a bachelor’s degree in piano performance from the Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina, and a master’s degree in music composition from the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music in Beirut.

    Zeina Al Azmeh

    Carrie Soderman joins Selwyn in October 2022 as the Henslow Research Fellow in Earth Sciences. She completed her Natural Sciences BA, MSc degree and PhD at St John’s College and the Department of Earth Sciences. Her PhD research focuses on developing geochemical tools to better study Earth’s interior, combining chemical and non-traditional isotopic measurements of rocks erupted from ocean-island volcanoes, such as Hawai’i and the Galápagos, with a theoretical thermodynamic modelling framework. This combined approach gives powerful new perspectives on the dynamics and processes occurring in Earth’s interior, which are ultimately reflected in the erupted rocks at the surface. Carrie also has an active interest in the role of geoscience in addressing our future energy transition needs, from both a research and policy perspective, and worked with a House of Commons Select Committee during her PhD on aspects of natural resource and energy policy. Beyond her research, Carrie is a keen hiker, and a ballroom and Latin American dancer, having competed for the Cambridge University Dancesport Team throughout her PhD.

    Carrie Soderman


  • Following the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on September 8th, the Master Roger Mosey wrote to the Selwyn community:

    “The college, the nation and millions of people around the world are grieving for Queen Elizabeth II. In her long life, she provided a model of service and dedication; and, during times of disruption and change, she was a figure of stability as the only monarch most of us had known. The Jubilee earlier this year showed the Queen’s ability to unite the people of these islands as we celebrated a reign whose length alone made it unique in our history – but which will also be distinguished by the monarch’s constitutional wisdom.”

    Selwyn held a short service in Chapel on the day after the announcement of the Queen’s death, which was attended by fellows, students and staff. A book of Condolence was opened which will be available to sign during the national mourning. We send our deepest sympathies to the King and the Royal Family.  

    Queen photo and book

  • The University of Cambridge has published data about the undergraduate examination results in 2021-22. Selwyn was placed second in the collegiate university for the percentage of students achieving ‘good honours’ – which represents the combined total of Class I and Class II Division I results. We congratulate our students on their excellent performance, and also thank our academic and support staff for this achievement.

    Percent of Students Awarded Good Honours League Table

    There is more information on the university website:

    To read more about applying to Selwyn, please click here:

  • Lynn Dicks Award-winner

    The British Ecological Society (BES) announced on September 2nd the winners of its annual awards and prizes, recognising ten distinguished ecologists and groups whose work has benefited the scientific community and society in general.

    We're delighted that they include Selwyn fellow Lynn Dicks, who has won the Ecological Engagement Award, which recognises an ecologist who has bridged the gap between ecology and other groups.

    Lynn is a lecturer in animal ecology at Cambridge. A key part of her work focusses on how farmers can benefit from ecosystem services. Lynn and members of the Cambridge Agroecology group work with farmers to co-design research projects and gather data on how they manage their systems with the overall goal of understanding how we can reduce impacts on wildlife in realistic commercial contexts.

    We congratulate her on this recognition.  

  • Selwyn is pleased to welcome Dasha Zhurat to a post in our tutorial office. Mrs Zhurat is a refugee from Ukraine, and she tells her story in her own words.


    “My name’s Dasha. I’m from Berdyansk, south-eastern part of Ukraine. It has been occupied since 27th February. In the beginning of March in the cold weather we lost heating. As Russians were jamming communication channels, some days we had no mobile connection and no internet. No schools, no work. Supermarket shelves were empty. Warning alarms sounded every day and night, so we had to seek protection in a bomb shelter or to hide in our house behind two walls. At the same time it was too dangerous to leave Berdyansk as there were fierce battles in the region. At last, we left on 16th March when they opened a green corridor for Mariupol. The first 200 km were the hardest part of the trip: 17 Russian checkpoints, passing the front line in a queue of hundreds of cars through the mined fields.

    Dasha Zhurat

    “My sister lives in Cambridge and that’s why we decided to get through 4000 km by car to come here. We had to wait for a month for the visas in Romania and on 25th April we entered the UK. Thanks to the Lord, my family is in the safe place and we are grateful to the English people who make us feel welcome here.”


    To read more about how Cambridge is supporting Ukrainian refugees, click here:

  • If you are holding a conditional offer of a place at Selwyn College and have met all the conditions in your offer, congratulations! We will contact you via email, and you will soon see your confirmation through UCAS Track. There is no need for you to contact us.

    If you have not quite met the offer, please be patient as we will be in touch with you once our decisions are finalised.

    If you are not holding an offer from us, we regret we cannot take an application at this time. Please do not contact the college.

    Selwyn College, like all the colleges of Cambridge University, does not participate in clearing. Unless you have already been told that you are eligible for our August Reconsideration process, the only option if you wish to try for a place at Cambridge is to apply in the next admissions cycle for entry in October 2023.

    There is more information from the University available here:


  • Selwyn supports students in many ways, and one of these is financially – which is particularly important in these tough economic times. When they experience unforeseen financial problems, our students benefit from the various sources of support that are available centrally to students from all colleges. Generally the way these can be accessed is through your tutor, and sometimes the Senior Tutor, making a case to the relevant university body. The range of grants and funds is extensive.


    There is further financial backing available within the college. For example, one of the recent creations at Selwyn is the Elgar Fund, named after Dr Dennis Elgar who left a major benefaction for student support. This now offers:

    Students in College

    • An Elgar matriculation book and equipment grant of £100 will be made to all undergraduates in their first term of residence. If you’re on a full Cambridge Bursary, there will be an additional £150 grant in your second term; with £100 paid to partial bursary holders.
    • The Elgar vacation residence grant offers the opportunity to stay in Cambridge during the Easter vacation to students for whom financial considerations may be a barrier to doing so. With tutorial support it may also be available for the Christmas vacation.
    • The Elgar finalists’ grants: Eligible undergraduates (those receiving bursary support) in their final year of study, along with third year medical and veterinary students, will receive a grant intended to help with such things as application fees, interview travel and other expenses that arise as they consider their next steps and in a year when their student loan diminishes. A grant of £300 will be paid as a credit on their college bill in the Easter term to all eligible third year students in residence and to fourth year students who have returned from a year abroad or intermission.
    • Elgar Formal Hall Grants: In order to help ensure that students from less well-off backgrounds do not feel excluded from full participation in college life, this grant is intended to ensure that all students feel that Formal Hall is affordable. Students in receipt of a CBS grant will receive six free tickets per year.

    You can read more about our financial support here:

    This section of our website includes information about other opportunities for students, including grants for travel, sport and music. We also have funds that are dedicated to supporting students in particular subjects in academic-related activities or ambitious vacation projects:

  • Selwyn College is pleased to have appointed Jennifer Phillips as its next Bursar.  She will join the college in November, taking over responsibility for finance, estates, hospitality and domestic services from the retiring Bursar, Martin Pierce.

    Jennifer joins Selwyn from a background in finance, having trained in accountancy at PricewaterhouseCoopers following graduation from Cambridge in 1999, where she read English and then History and Philosophy of Science, in which she took a first. Her career has spanned financial advisory work in the business recovery sector, tax planning and financial accounting (for the FTSE listed entity now called Synthomer Ltd), and a highly successful nine year stint in a rapid growth, private equity backed, international education business.  Since 2016 she has been the Domestic Bursar at her undergraduate college, Gonville and Caius, with key achievements in recent years including a major refurbishment of catering areas in the heart of the Grade I listed Old Courts, and the navigation of the Covid-19 pandemic.

    Roger Mosey, Master of Selwyn, said: “The college is delighted that, after a highly competitive process, Jennifer will be joining us. She combines financial expertise with her experience and excellent track record at Caius, and she impressed the college council with her vision for the future of Selwyn. I will personally hugely look forward to working with her.”  

    Jennifer Phillips said “I am thrilled to have been offered the role of Bursar of Selwyn College. Whilst the economic outlook post Covid is tough both nationally and locally, I look forward to working with the excellent and highly experienced Selwyn teams at all levels, to ensure the college gets the best from its new and impressive facilities – a significant opportunity. I look forward to adding my contribution to Selwyn’s 140 year history.”

    Jennifer Phillips


  • The college held its first full graduation ceremony with guests since 2019 on the afternoon of July 1st. General Admission took its traditional form with students gathering in Old Court for a commemorative photograph, and then processing to the university Senate House to receive their degrees from the Master in his role as the vice-chancellor’s deputy. We were delighted to be joined by so many family members and friends, and we offer the heartiest congratulations to our new graduates.

    Graduation 2022
    Graduation 2022

    You can watch a video of the entire ceremony here (starts 18’30” in):

    There are more photographs, taken by Howard Beaumont, on the college’s Facebook page: