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  • Thu, 13/06/2024 - 10:21

    The college is very pleased to see three of its fellows receive promotions from the University of Cambridge.

    • A professorship grade 11 goes to Dr Jörg Haustein in the faculty of Divinity
      Dr Jörg Haustein


    • Dr Kirsty McDougall is appointed to a university associate professorship grade 10 in the department of theoretical and applied Linguistics
      Dr Kirsty McDougall


    • And there’s an unestablished associate teaching professorship grade 10 for Dr Elena Filimonova, a Russian specialist in MMLL
      Dr Elena Filimonova


    We congratulate them on their success. You can see the full list of Selwyn’s fellows here:

  • Thu, 23/05/2024 - 13:14
  • Wed, 01/05/2024 - 14:17

    The author and broadcaster Nick Bryant gave Selwyn’s Ramsay Murray lecture on Friday May 10th. This is our annual flagship event at which previous speakers have ranged from Niall Ferguson to Bridget Kendall and from Trevor Phillips to Amanda Vickery.


    Nick Bryant Panel


    Dr Bryant argued that the current crisis in American politics is nothing new. Indeed, the divisions in the republic go back to its foundations; and Donald Trump is part of an historical tradition rather than an unprecedented phenomenon. His talk, followed by questions and answers with the audience in the Quarry Whitehouse auditorium, can be viewed here:  


    Video Thumbnail

  • Mon, 29/04/2024 - 22:47

    Selwyn’s high-profile events from this Spring, and earlier, are available to view online.

    We began the recent series with the visit by the Swedish foreign minister Tobias Billström on April 16th. Mr Billström, a Selwyn alumnus, explained why Sweden had joined NATO. The video of the session can be viewed here:

    Why Sweden joined NATO, with the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs

    Then on April 24th we hosted one of the Cambridge University vice-chancellor’s dialogues, which are designed to foster free speech and help us to disagree constructively with views we find controversial. The topic was one of the most important of our times: “Is democracy dying?” It featured David Goodhart, Nabila Ramdani and Helen Thompson under the chairmanship of master Roger Mosey – and there were questions from the audience packed in to the Quarry Whitehouse auditorium. The event, introduced by Professor Debbie Prentice, is online here:

    Cambridge Vice-Chancellor's Dialogues: Is democracy dying?

    The next night we explored a lighter theme. The Traitors is a major hit for the BBC and for other broadcasters worldwide – so what are the secrets of its success, and what does it tell us about the future of television? Former contestant Paul Gorton was one of the panellists, along with two senior BBC executives responsible for the show. Click here to watch:

    The Traitors and the future of television, with Paul Gorton, Syeda Irtizaali & Dan McGolpin

    You may also like to browse our YouTube channel for more talks and discussions on a multitude of subjects: We have had well over one million views for our content, and our archive will continue to be built up.

  • Wed, 17/04/2024 - 12:20

    Sweden’s foreign minister Tobias Billström gave a talk at Selwyn on April 16th about why his country has joined NATO. He warned that the world is going through a dangerous phase: not just the Russian attack on Ukraine, but also China’s intentions and the current crisis in the Middle East. These changing circumstances were why Sweden decided to relinquish the neutrality that it has held for more than two centuries.

    Mr Billström is a Selwyn alumnus who studied history at the college, and was also president of the MCR representing our graduate students. In his address to current members, he emphasised the strengths of the links between Sweden and the United Kingdom – and said that Sweden’s decision on NATO could be seen as the logical conclusion to the co-operation between the two countries and other allies. However, it had been Russian aggression in Ukraine and elsewhere – and the threat to other countries in the Baltic region – which had been the key driver of the decision formally to join NATO.

    Sweden’s foreign minister Tobias Billström talk at Selwyn

    You can watch the minister’s speech in full, with questions from the audience, here:

  • Tue, 09/04/2024 - 12:02

    An MA graduation ceremony was held in the university Senate House on Saturday April 6th. Selwyn’s graduands gathered in Old Court on a warm, windy Spring day and then made the journey into the centre of the city via West Bye Lane and King’s College.


    People Graduating


    People Graduating


    This is the 2017 year group which didn’t have the usual BA graduation ceremony in 2020 because of the pandemic - it was delayed by more than a year - so we were particularly pleased to welcome back so many students with their guests. There was a celebratory dinner in Hall, which was preceded by drinks in the master’s garden.


    People Graduating


    We congratulate all our students on joining the Cambridge MA community.

  • Fri, 15/03/2024 - 10:35

    Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Selwyn three minute thesis competition. It’s an opportunity for undergraduate and postgraduate students to explain their academic work - against the clock. The senior tutor, Dr Mike Sewell, describes the event as “a fun and interesting session where students at various stages of their careers – undergraduate, MPhil and doctoral – present briefly about the project work that they are doing.” It’s a means of showing the range and ambition of studies within the college.

    Thesis winners with Roger Mosey

    We heard from 16 speakers over two nights, with a good audience turnout in the Quarry Whitehouse auditorium. The winners were:

    Wednesday 13 March - Matthew Doyle (undergraduate) and Joel Kandiah (postgraduate).

    Thursday - Edith Charlesworth (undergraduate) and Jaylen Simons (postgraduate).


    Edith, Jaylen and Joel are seen with the master Roger Mosey, who presented the prizes. The college is grateful to the JCR and MCR for organising the contests.

  • Thu, 22/02/2024 - 15:26
    Ditton Park Academy
    Ditton Park Academy
    Roundhay Sixth Form
    Roundhay Sixth Form

    Our school visitors in the early weeks of 2024 have represented both our key outreach areas: East Berkshire and West Yorkshire. We welcomed, among others, Ditton Park Academy from Slough and Roundhay Sixth Form from Leeds. The purpose, as with all our schools outreach, is a simple one: to demystify Cambridge and to show the reality of the modern university and its colleges. We hope that these visits raise aspirations by allowing pupils to envisage themselves at a top university and encouraging them to stay committed to education.

    Ditton Park visited the Whipple Museum of the History of Science during their visit. Roundhay went into the city and got the opportunity to explore, as well as having an introduction to Selwyn and tours of the college with the help of our student ambassadors.

    A teacher accompanying another recent school visit wrote to us afterwards: "The trip was exactly what our students needed... Our intake is really varied in terms of socio-economic factors. We are a true comprehensive school... The student guides were excellent and our students could see that they were not too far removed from themselves! The ability to be able to walk around the campus and see things really helped them understand more about university life and what priorities they might need to take into consideration when making their decision." 

    There’s more about visits to Selwyn here:

  • Thu, 08/02/2024 - 12:59

    Alumni and friends along with current fellows and students gathered in the magnificent setting of the Drapers' Hall in London to mark the life of our former master Sir David Harrison (1930-2023) and the success already of the fund established in his memory.

    Alumni at Draper's Hall

    The speakers included the master, Roger Mosey; medical fellow Professor Charlotte Summers; and David's son Michael. We are thrilled that more than 300 alumni and friends have already contributed to the Sir David Harrison fund for the teaching of science, and the total raised has passed £500,000. There is more information here:

    Draper's Hall

    And see more photos from the event on Flickr:

  • Thu, 25/01/2024 - 11:45

    We have been notifying applicants about the outcome of the undergraduate admissions process. Huge congratulations to those who received offers, and for those who didn't: be assured that the standard was extremely high and we only wish we could have admitted everyone.


    Here are some of the key statistics:


    *860 people applied to Selwyn this year

    *We have made 162 offers (including a small number for deferred entry)

    *Additionally, 48 candidates who applied to Selwyn as their first choice have received offers from other colleges through the pool system


    That means that the success rate for Cambridge offers amongst our applicants was very nearly 1:4.


    The number of interviews, which were mainly held in person for the first time since 2019, totalled 1200 (candidates have more than one interview) and were conducted by 84 different academics.


    Now we wish the best of luck in exams to all the offer-holders; and we very much hope to see you at Selwyn later this year.