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  • We welcom

  • A Selwyn student has received one of the vice-chancellor’s awards for social impact. The awards, organised by Cambridge Hub and sponsored by the vice-chancellor’s Office, recognise and celebrate achievement in contributing to society. 

  • Roger Mosey, master of Selwyn since 2013, will step down from the role in September 2025 in line with the college’s statutory retirement age. 

  • Selwyn congratulates all the students who took part in the University of Cambridge’s General Admission on Friday June 28th and were awarded degrees at the end of their undergraduate studies.


  • The college is very pleased to see three of its fellows receive promotions from the University of Cambridge.

    • A professorship grade 11 goes to Dr Jörg Haustein in the faculty of Divinity
      Dr Jörg Haustein


  • The author and broadcaster Nick Bryant gave Selwyn’s Ramsay Murray lecture on Friday May 10th. This is our annual flagship event at which previous speakers have ranged from Niall Ferguson to Bridget Kendall and from Trevor Phillips to Amanda Vickery.


    Nick Bryant Panel


  • Selwyn’s high-profile events from this Spring, and earlier, are available to view online.

    We began the recent series with the visit by the Swedish foreign minister Tobias Billström on April 16th. Mr Billström, a Selwyn alumnus, explained why Sweden had joined NATO. The video of the session can be viewed here:

  • Sweden’s foreign minister Tobias Billström gave a talk at Selwyn on April 16th about why his country has joined NATO. He warned that the world is going through a dangerous phase: not just the Russian attack on Ukraine, but also China’s intentions and the current crisis in the Middle East. These changing circumstances were why Sweden decided to relinquish the neutrality that it has held for more than two centuries.

  • An MA graduation ceremony was held in the university Senate House on Saturday April 6th. Selwyn’s graduands gathered in Old Court on a warm, windy Spring day and then made the journey into the centre of the city via West Bye Lane and King’s College.


    People Graduating