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Climate exhibit

5 September 2023
Submitted by on 5 September 2023

Selwyn is thrilled to be exhibiting an artwork reminding us of the preciousness of our environment in one of the college's most prestigious venues. Lincoln Sea by Zaria Forman has been installed in the Harrison Room, used for many college events, temporarily replacing the portrait of former master Arthur Lyttelton.

In 2016 and 2017 the artist was invited to join Nasa’s Operation IceBridge, a science mission that flew aeroplanes over both polar regions for more than ten years. Her remarkable pastel drawings capture the experience of flying over vast polar landscapes.

​  Lincoln Sea Canvas​  Lincoln Sea Canvas

Forman says: “I was privileged to witness an entirely new perspective of these icy environments, and one that few people have ever seen. For most of us, the polar ice sheets are just giant white spots on a map. (And indeed, they sometimes look like that from the air!). But the IceBridge scientists and engineers know that there’s rapid change occurring beneath the surface—a complex interplay of freshwater rivers, valleys of bedrock, and warmer ocean waters eating away at glaciers from beneath.”

This artwork is presented in collaboration with Silverstrand Philanthropies, a Singapore-based grant maker focused on enhancing biodiversity through advocacy, capacity building, and research. Our thanks to alumnus Kelvin Chiu (2005) for facilitating and supporting the loan of this artwork.

Lincoln Sea CanvasLincoln Sea Canvas