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24 April 2023
Submitted by on 24 April 2023

Selwyn’s outreach work has been particularly intense in recent weeks, with a series of trips to Cambridge by schools and multiple occasions when our schools liaison officers have been visiting locations across the country. The aim is a simple one: to show that Selwyn and Cambridge are open to everyone with the right talent irrespective of geography or background or personal circumstances.

We have a particular focus on East Berkshire and West Yorkshire as our link areas, and we recently hosted an HE+ programme event for Yorkshire schools which was run in association with the Cambridge Admissions Office. This involved masterclasses at Selwyn for prospective students and a chance to see what the city has to offer. The schools we hosted included New College Pontefract; Notre Dame Catholic Sixth Form in Leeds; three of the Trinity Academies in Halifax; Ossett Academy in Wakefield; and Elliott Hudson College, Leeds.

To learn more about applying to Selwyn as an undergraduate, please click here:

The photos show Dr Myungun Kim who teaches economics; Dr Chloe Allison, music; Dr Daniel Beauregard, chemistry; and all the school students gathered in the Quarry Whitehouse auditorium.