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Royal Fellow

Submitted on 20 August 2020

Dr Deepak Venkateshvaran

Congratulations to Selwyn fellow and director of studies in Physics Dr Deepak Venkateshvaran, who has been awarded a prestigious Royal Society university research fellowship.

These are annual awards for outstanding scientists who have the potential to become leaders in their chosen fields. Generously funded for five years, the fellowship scheme provides an opportunity for an awardee to build an independent research career, and offers the freedom to pursue ambitious research projects of fundamental and applied interest.

The research programme that Dr Venkateshvaran intends to pursue will explore novel electrical routes to controlling the mechanics of organic polymers at the nanoscale. The research direction will bring together his knowledge of musical drums at the macroscale with polymer electronics on the nanoscale, and build functional electromechanical devices for use in bio-sensing, materials characterisation and applied non-linear dynamics.

There’s more about the fellowships here: