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29 April 2024
Submitted by on 29 April 2024

Selwyn’s high-profile events from this Spring, and earlier, are available to view online.

We began the recent series with the visit by the Swedish foreign minister Tobias Billström on April 16th. Mr Billström, a Selwyn alumnus, explained why Sweden had joined NATO. The video of the session can be viewed here:

Why Sweden joined NATO, with the Swedish Minister for Foreign Affairs

Then on April 24th we hosted one of the Cambridge University vice-chancellor’s dialogues, which are designed to foster free speech and help us to disagree constructively with views we find controversial. The topic was one of the most important of our times: “Is democracy dying?” It featured David Goodhart, Nabila Ramdani and Helen Thompson under the chairmanship of master Roger Mosey – and there were questions from the audience packed in to the Quarry Whitehouse auditorium. The event, introduced by Professor Debbie Prentice, is online here:

Cambridge Vice-Chancellor's Dialogues: Is democracy dying?

The next night we explored a lighter theme. The Traitors is a major hit for the BBC and for other broadcasters worldwide – so what are the secrets of its success, and what does it tell us about the future of television? Former contestant Paul Gorton was one of the panellists, along with two senior BBC executives responsible for the show. Click here to watch:

The Traitors and the future of television, with Paul Gorton, Syeda Irtizaali & Dan McGolpin

You may also like to browse our YouTube channel for more talks and discussions on a multitude of subjects: We have had well over one million views for our content, and our archive will continue to be built up.