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The subject at Selwyn

Education is the study of human development and transformation in all its forms and contexts: from the individual mind to the social and political processes taking place within communities, institutions, and global networks to the cultural encounters that shape ideas, beliefs and imaginations. Our course allows you to explore these themes across academic disciplines, or develop specialist knowledge in areas such as psychology, international development or literature.


Teaching Fellows at Selwyn

Our Director of Studies for the Education course is Mr Steve Watts, who supervises on literature and drama topics for the Education Faculty.

Qualities we are looking for

Candidates seeking places on this course must be able to demonstrate an interest in education, as well as intellectual breadth and flexibility. Some seek careers in such diverse fields as educational research, educational administration, publishing or the media, or careers unrelated to education as, like all Cambridge courses, this degree provides an excellent range of transferable skills. Some follow up their undergraduate work by taking the higher degree programmes offered by the Education Faculty, or other postgraduate courses here and elsewhere. Others go on to seek Qualified Teacher Status by taking a Post Graduate Certificate in Education.

Subject requirements

Although Education does not ask for specific A-Level subjects, we would prefer if all applicants have at least one essay writing subject in their subject profile.

It is useful (but not essential) for applicants to have studied one or more of the social sciences (e.g. Sociology, Psychology and History).

Written Work

We ask all applicants to submit in advance two pieces of written work, and we may ask for a short test either at interview or before.


Applicants will have two subject interviews, one with our Director of Studies, usually also with a colleague from the faculty. The other with a pair of academics from the Faculty of Education covering some of the range of available disciplines within the subject. In this interview they may be asked to read over a passage beforehand, which will then be used as part of the discussion.

Applicants may also have a general interview with a Fellow who is not a specialist in this subject. This is designed to learn about the applicant’s interests and activities outside Education, his/her motivation in choosing to study Education at Cambridge, and the applicant’s maturity of approach towards academic work.