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The subject at Selwyn

The Architecture course is academic in approach, emphasising architecture as a cultural as well as a technological subject. The core of the teaching programme is in practical design carried out in studios (from the large scale of a city to the smallest detail), and supported by lectures on both the humanities (history and theory) and sciences (construction, environmental design and structures).

At Cambridge, you will be taught by practising architects and academics who are leading experts in their field. Selwyn has a record of success in the Architecture course and provides strong support for students.

The Teaching Fellows

Our Director of Studies for Architecture is Dr Ronita Bardhan. She is Associate Professor of Sustainable Built Environment at the Department of Architecture. Her research interests are in data-driven sustainable building design, urban informatics and geomatics for urban change. She teaches principles of environmental design at the Architecture Tripos.

Qualities we are looking for

We are looking above all for proven enthusiasm and academic ability in relevant disciplines from arts to sciences. A theoretical and philosophical approach to architecture as an academic discipline must be complemented by design and artistic talent and by a capacity to read around the subject.

Subject requirements

We require applicants for Architecture to be studying A-Level (or equivalent) Mathematics and/or Physics.


Applicants for Architecture have an interview with the Director of Studies, in the form of a 30-minute conversation, discussing the applicant’s interest in Architecture as well as their portfolio. The portfolio should typically contain a range of pieces of work (e.g. drawings, paintings, photographs of three-dimensional work, etc.) and related sketch-books. The best candidates will be able to show that they have worked independently, beyond their school Art or Design syllabus.

Submitted Work

All applicants will be asked to submit a PDF (6 A4 pages, less than 15MB in size) of their own artwork prior to the interview. The selection of images should, in part reflect material you might bring to interview as part of any portfolio.

Admissions Assessment

There will be an admissions assessment for all Architecture students for which no pre-registration is required.  The format consists of a graphic and spatial ability assessment.

June 2024

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