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Thank you for your support


Alumni and friends are making an enduring contribution to life at Selwyn in many ways.

  • Over 165 alumni and friends have become members of the Master’s Circle, generously supporting Selwyn with gifts worth £10,000 or more.
  • Over 215 alumni and friends are Patrons of Selwyn and have kindly supported the college with gifts worth £2,500 or more.
  • Over 265 alumni and friends have informed us that they are remembering Selwyn in their Wills, continuing a philanthropic tradition which goes back to the college’s foundation.
  • Over 1,000 alumni and friends support Selwyn by making a regular gift.

The Master, fellows and students of Selwyn would like to thank everyone who supports the college so it can continue to excel in teaching research, conducted by a diverse and welcoming community at the geographical centre of the university.

To recognise the importance of philanthropy to all areas of college life, some of the principal gifts the college has received and achievements philanthropy has made possible are listed below.

The greatest development undertaken at Selwyn in the last 50 years is the development of Ann’s Court, named for Ann Dobson by Dr Chris Dobson (SE 1957 and Honorary Fellow), which also includes:

  • The Bartlam Library named in honour of Mr Tom Bartlam (SE 1966) the principal benefactor.
  • The Quarry Whitehouse Auditorium, named for the principal benefactors Mr Gareth Quarry (SE 1978) and Ms Jill Whitehouse (SE 1978).

This final part of the Court was widely supported by 1,049 Selwyn alumni and friends, who have so far named:

  • 450 bricks
  • 55 library chairs
  • 48 auditorium chairs
  • 84 paving stones

Before this development in the early 2000s, the largest development undertaken at Selwyn was the development of Cripps Court with the support of the Cripps Foundation. The college is very grateful for its enduring links to the Cripps family, especially through Mr Robert Cripps (Honorary Fellow).

Other successful recent building projects include:

  • The college’s new boathouse, which opened in 2016.
  • chamber organ was installed at the east end of Selwyn Chapel  - the beautiful three-stop (8-4-2) Kenneth Tickell chamber organ is intricately carved with Selwyn crest.
  • The refurbishment of The Old Library including the provision of four new teaching rooms and a special room of resources for medics and vets, as well as new office space and a unique space for alumni.
  • Completion of the college's low-carbon postgraduate hostels, with 29 & 31 Grange Road, and 1 Selwyn Gardens transformed to provide bright, comfortable, warm living spaces.


  • The Walters Fellowship in Chemistry, named in honour of Mr Eric Walters (SE 1962), is currently held by Dr James Keeler.
  • The Gavin Boyle Fellowship in Exoplanetary Science, named following a generous gift from Mr Gavin Boyle (SE 1987), is currently held by Dr Mathias Nowak.


  • The Michael Graves Fellowship in History, supported by a legacy from Professor Michael Graves (SE 1954) is held by Professor John Morrill.
  • The Robert Martin Fellowship in Economics, generously endowed by Mr Robert Martin (SE 1984 and Fellow Benefactor), is held by Mr Oleg Kitov.
  • The Spencer-Fairest Fellowship in Law, established through the generosity of many Selwyn lawyers, is held by Mr Alexander Waghorn.
  • The David K P Li Fellowship in Law, established by Sir David K Li OBE (SE 1961), is held by Mrs Sarah Fraser Butlin.
  • The Dawson Fund, generously supported by Peter and Christina Dawson (Fellow Benefactors), this fund provides assistance for students who need help with their mental health. Peter and Christina have also kindly supported increased nursing provision at Selwyn.
  • Supported 25% of Selwyn students with some form of bursary support, and provided £296,000 for awards and scholarships in 2020-21.

Awarded 26 academic prizes to students who excelled in their studies.

Subject specific support was available to undergraduates and postgraduates in the following areas

  • The Devenport Architecture Fund, generously supported by Viscount Devenport (SE 1964), who studied Architecture at Selwyn as an undergraduate.
  • The Gebauer Fund, Generously supported by Dr Andreas Gebauer (SE 1980) the fund promotes German studies in the fields of language, literature, history, thought and culture.
  • The Ashcroft Fund in HSPS, generously supported by Mr Dom Ashcroft (SE 1999) and Mrs Lizzie Ashcroft (SE 2001), for dissertation research, research or other projects related to HSPS.
  • The Macpherson Fund in Law, generously supported by Mr William Macpherson (SE 1982) who studied Law at Selwyn as an undergraduate.
  • The Stephen Tromans QC Fund, generously supported by Mr Stephen Tromans (SE 1975) and former fellow, who studied Law at Selwyn as an undergraduate.
  • The Beker Fund in Mathematics, generously supported by Professor Henry Beker, father of an alumna.
  • The Walters Kundert Physical Sciences Summer Studentship Fund, generously supported by the Walters Kundert Foundation.
  • The Davies Fund for Biochemistry and Zoology, generously supported by Dr Anthony Davies (SE 1983) who studied Natural Sciences at Selwyn.
  • The Sarah Adams Fund for Russian, generously supported by Mr Chris Adams and Mrs Sarah Adams, friends of the college.
  • The Jamie Netschert Veterinary Studies Fund, generously supported by his wife, Donna, in the name of Dr. Bruce ‘Jamie’ Netschert (SE 1975) who studied Veterinary Medicine at Selwyn.
  • The R. C. Read Fund for Medical Projects, generously supported by a legacy from Dr Raymond C. Read (SE 1941) who studied Medical Sciences at Selwyn.
  • New first VIIIs for the men’s and women’s crews were provided in 2021 thanks to the Friends of Selwyn Boat Club.
  • Over £9,000 in Sports Bursaries is distributed each year. Sports bursaries help to cover the costs of equipment, competition fees, subscription fees, coaching, kit and training camps, empowering students to take their chosen sport to the highest levels, with many competing nationally and internationally.
  • Supported the costs of the choir tour to North America in 2019.


This is merely a snapshot of the wonderful things that have been achieved through your support.  Developments such as these are vital to the college as a whole, and for students to fully experience what life and study at Selwyn has to offer.  From fellowships to Chapel organs, from hockey sticks to full bursaries, every contribution makes an impact, and for that we are truly grateful.