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Library Rules


Approved by College Council on 15 March 2022

  1. The Bartlam Library is for use by Selwyn College members only. Visitors may be admitted only by prior permission from library staff.
  2. A University Card or access card is required for members to access the library.
  3. All loans must be registered following the procedures displayed in the library and on the library website. Items marked “For reference only” or “Not to be taken away” must remain in the library, except by agreement with library staff.
  4. The number of items that may be borrowed and current loan periods are displayed in the library and on the library website. Extended borrowing may be permitted on application to the Librarian.
  5. All loans are subject to being requested, and items which have been requested must be returned within the period stated.
  6. Returned items must be placed in the designated locations in the library.
  7. Items retained for longer than the permitted loan period, or which are damaged or defaced, may be subject to fines.
  8. Lost items should be replaced or paid for, in consultation with library staff.
  9. Members are responsible for any item borrowed in their name until it is safely returned.
  10. Items held in closed collections, such as rare books, may only be consulted during supervised hours.
  11. Smoking is not permitted in the library.
  12. Drinks in bottles or lidded cups are permitted in the library; food is permitted only in the library common room.
  13. Conversations should not disturb other library users and should be kept to a minimum in the Donald Welbourn Reading Room (for silent study).
  14. Mobile phones, laptops, and other devices should be put into silent mode as appropriate and should be used in a manner that will not disturb other library users.
  15. Library materials may only be copied as permitted by the current CLA regulations (on display near the photocopier / MFD).

These regulations have been designed to promote equal access to resources for all students. If any aspect of the rules requires clarification, or if you would like advice on using the library, please contact library staff..

Staff and contact details

College Librarian:  Ms Sonya Adams
College Archivist (part-time):  Ms Elizabeth Stratton
Assistant Librarian (part-time):  Mr Michael Wilson
Library Assistant (part-time):  Ms Katie Turner

Bartlam Library, Selwyn College, Grange Road, Cambridge CB3 9DQ
tel: 01223 335880

Library and Archives Committee

The Library and Archives Committee meets each term and is chaired by the Senior Tutor.  Its membership comprises the Senior Tutor, the Vice-Master, 5 Fellows (including Dr Jessica Gardner, the University Librarian), representatives from the MCR and JCR, the Librarian, and the Archivist.  College members are encouraged to bring suggestions and concerns to the Committee via the appropriate representative.