Other libraries in Cambridge

There is plenty of information about other Cambridge libraries at the Cambridge Libraries homepage. Details and contacts for all the libraries associated with the University are to be found in the Cambridge Libraries Directory (Map).

All University members may use their own college library and faculty/departmental library, as well as the University Library (UL). Use iDiscover to locate material.

Students should contact the Librarian in the first instance if they wish to use another library. Most will be willing to allow members of other colleges or faculties to consult works under supervision.

Cambridge University Library

The University Library provides access to a vast array of resources. It is a legal deposit library, meaning that it is entitled to claim a copy of every publication in printed form published in the UK and Ireland. It also holds extensive collections of overseas books, journalsmaps, photographs and music and has extensive special collections of rare booksmanuscripts, and other materials. It also subscribes, and provides access, to a vast array of electronic resources for all members of the University, although users may need a Raven password to access these, particularly if they are connecting from machines outside of Cambridge.

Libraries beyond Cambridge

Students who wish to use another university library in or near their home town during vacations might be able to make use of the SCONUL Vacation Access scheme. Be aware that not all universities are members of the scheme and that access will usually only be allowed during the host university's own vacations. Please check the details for any library you wish to use in advance of your visit as you may be required to present specific types of ID. You should expect to use other libraries for reference and not to be able to borrow.