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3.2 The Chaplain


The Chaplain's College role

The Chaplain is the Reverend Dr Arabella Milbank Robinson. Her pastoral care extends to the whole community, Fellows, students and members of the College staff alike. As Dean of Chapel, she is responsible for all aspects of College Chapel life – including the variety of services which take place each week, activities for those interested in exploring issues of faith and life, and with the Director of Music, the musical life of the Chapel.

The Chaplain has rooms on D staircase and is available to all members of College, those of all faiths, no faith and everything in between. Chaplains can lend a listening ear, provide support at difficult times, or simply be available to engage with those exploring their spiritual lives or faith heritage. Arabella can be contacted at, but if ever you need help contacting the Chaplain urgently, the Porters will endeavour to do so on your behalf. She also serves as Chaplain at Newnham College, and is supported in her work at Selwyn by the Chapel Administrator, Rebecca Wilson.

Although the Chaplain works in close collaboration with the Tutors, the College Nurse and other colleagues, you may be assured that appropriate boundaries of confidentiality will be observed subject to the provisions of section 3.1.2, so feel free to speak with her in confidence.