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7. College Facilities


The College provides a wide variety of facilities for students. From the Boathouse and sportsground, to the catering operation, the Chapel, the gardens and the IT provision and laundries, we try to make it easy for you to concentrate on your studies whilst also enjoying a rich and fulfilling student experience. This section of the Guide lays out some details about the College’s provision.

People – Who Does What?

The main College Officers, with their respective functions, are as follows:

The Bursar is Martin Pierce. His office is on the top floor of Ann’s Court. He manages the College finances, administration, property, buildings, catering and non-academic staff in accordance with decisions of the relevant committees. He has overall responsibility for Fire Safety and general Health and Safety in the College. He is also the College’s Data Protection Officer and Freedom of Information Officer.

The Bursar is assisted by the Operations Manager (Chris Hurcomb), who has an office on the top floor of the Ann’s Court office staircase, the Domus Manager (Sue Jeffries), who has an office on the Ground Floor of B staircase, the Head Porter (Helen Stephens), the Maintenance Manager (Gwen Tingey), the HR Manager (Esiri Lawrence), the Compliance Officer (Sue Barnes) and the Head of Catering (Matt Rowe), who is directly responsible for all aspects of College catering, including the Bar. The Accommodation Officer is Alison Benham. The Bursar’s Assistant and Master’s Assistant is Sheila Scarlett, whose office is on the Ground Floor of G Staircase.

The Fellow for Rooms (Dr James Moultrie) is responsible for allocating rooms in College to junior members of the College.

The IT Manager, Dave Johnstone and his Deputy Manager, Howard Beaumont, can be found on the 2nd floor of Ann’s Court.

Routine College business, including the bills and invoices for students and the collection of fees, is carried out through the Bursary (Finance Manager: Sally Clayson; Assistant Accountant: Jane Eagle), which is situated on the Ground Floor of the College Offices in Ann’s Court. Grant cheques are issued by the Senior Tutor’s Assistant (Gina Vivian-Neal).

The College Librarian (Sonya Adams) is responsible for the management of the College Library. She is assisted by Michael Wilson, who is also the College’s Recycling Co-ordinator. The College Archivist is Elizabeth Stratton.

The College Nurse (Carolyn Taylor) has a surgery on the Ground Floor of B staircase. The Head Gardener is Alexander Turner.