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Selwyn College is keen to attract accomplished and motivated post-graduates in any discipline. Admission as a postgraduate student to the University of Cambridge is primarily the responsibility of the General Board Education Committee and the relevant Faculty or Department of the University. Information about specific courses, admissions requirements and application procedures are available on the University’s Postgraduate Admissions website.

When applying for your course you will be asked to select a College and we very much hope you will choose Selwyn as your first preference. We make a special effort to accept applicants indicating Selwyn as their first choice, although we only consider your application after you have been admitted to the University by the General Board Education Committee.

If the General Board’s offer is unconditional, the application formalities are over. Alternatively, as is more usual, the General Board's offer may be conditional on financial, academic, linguistic, or other criteria and these must all be met before you can be admitted. Applicants should note that the University demands proof of funding for the duration of the course before admission.

Once your admission conditions have been fulfilled, we will contact you with details about coming into residence at Selwyn. All Masters courses begin in October, although some require students to arrive in September. Candidates admitted onto a PhD course may begin in October, January or April.

For students arriving from overseas, matters relating to visas should be dealt with through the International Student Office.