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Postgraduate Community and MCR


InscriptionAll postgraduate students are members of the Middle Combination Room (MCR), which is the body which represents their interests in the College. The MCR has its own facilities which are reserved solely for postgraduates and their guests; with so many students living in or very near the College, the Middle Combination Room itself (located in Cripps Court) is a lively focus for the communal and social life of graduates. The Common Room has a television and video, together with a good selection of newspapers and periodicals.

The MCR also run their own web site at

Many activities are shared with undergraduates, but postgraduates are active all year round and organize many events autonomously. Particularly popular are the regular dinners and social events organized in conjunction with postgraduate societies from other Colleges. The MCR and the College provide a strong sense of community which complements the departmental-based activities of research students.