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Offer Levels, Gap Years and Age at Entry


Minimum offer levels

Our typical offers in a number of qualifications are set out below but it is important for you to understand that we set offers individually.  For example, we may set slightly higher conditions if we are interested in making an offer but need additional reassurance about your ability and potential.  We do this because we believe it is in your best interests to be given the benefit of the doubt and receive an offer, rather than not.


The typical offer range is A*AA - A*A*A for most Arts & Social Sciences courses as well as Psychological and Behavioural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.  For Economics, Mathematics, and sciences courses the typical offer range is A*A*A - A*A*A*.

International Baccalaureate

Our typical offer for International Baccalaureate applicants is usually 42 – 43 points overall (including bonus points) and 7,7,6 / 7,7,7 in Higher Level subjects.

Scottish Advanced Highers

For Scottish Advanced Highers our typical offer range is A1,A1,A2 - A1, A2,A2.

Advanced Placements

We require 5 in at least five relevant AP subjects.

French Baccalaureate

16 or 17 (mention tres bien) overall with 16 or 17 in relevant subjects.

German Abitur

1.2 to 1.0 overall with 14 or 15 in relevant subjects.

Hungarian Erettsegi

5 in at least four subjects (of which at least two should be at Higher Level), and one subject at 4.  Where a subject is required for your chosen course e.g. Mathematics for courses in Mathematics, Physics or Engineering, we would expect you to take it at Higher Level.

Romanian Baccalaureate

9.5 overall with 9.8 in relevant subjects.

Potential applicants who are studying for other qualifications should consult the relevant part of the University Prospectus for details: this can be viewed on line - International Entry Requirements.

You may contact the Selwyn Admissions Office if you have any questions or concerns.

If you have taken GCSEs you might like to know that three-quarters of those successful in gaining an offer have, in recent years, achieved A* grades in at least three-quarters of the subjects they have taken.  At AS-level they have scored an average of 90% or more in (relevant) modules. We do not just consider exam grades when it comes to making offers, but these data give an impression of the competitive nature of entry to Selwyn College.

View on gap Years

Providing that applicants have a clear plan for how they will spend their time, and intend to do something personally and academically beneficial, we are happy to consider applicants who wish to take a gap year or who are applying post-qualification (i.e. during a gap year). Examples of beneficial activities might be for linguists to spend time abroad immersing themselves in the language and culture of a place whose language they will go on to study; anthropologists travelling to experience previously unfamiliar cultures; or engineers taking part in the Year in Industry scheme. We also understand that some students may wish to spend a year out of full-time education for more personal reasons, for example if they would otherwise be significantly younger than the rest of their year-group on arrival in Cambridge.

We do not operate quotas on types of application. Applying for deferred entry will not make any significant difference to your chances of receiving an offer.

Age at Matriculation

Please see the University guidance and note that Medical students must be at least 18 years old before 1 November in the year of admission.