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FAQs: undergraduate admissions


We hope our main undergraduate admissions home page will make it easy for you to find the answer to your question. The other good places to get information are our prospectus and the University prospectus & other useful publications (includes extra information for parents and teachers).

The University undergraduate study FAQs are very helpful.

You can also see more FAQs on the Selwyn student page.

If you still can't find the answer just send us an email:

These are some of the remaining FAQs that we receive about undergraduate admissions:

The College holds a series of Open Days each year for potential applicants. These will take place on 7 & 8 July 2022. Please visit our Open Days page to find out more
Generally students are expected to be over the age of 18 before starting a Cambridge course. The College routinely accepts students who will be 18 by 1 January in their first year. Whilst we do not impose age limits on applicants, it is our view that a significant degree of academic and personal maturity is required to make the most of the all-round educational opportunities presented by life in a Cambridge College and to cope with University-level study. In line with agreed intercollegiate policy we are therefore very unlikely to admit any students who would be significantly under 18 years of age at the start of their course. If you are over 21 when you start your degree course you are classed as a mature student.
Below are typical minimum offer levels Selwyn would make on some of the most common national examinations. If you are taking an examination not listed below, please email the Admissions Office for advice. School-predicted grades are taken into consideration when making offers.
Qualification Level Required
A-Level A*AA for arts and social sciences and Veterinary Medicine. A*A*A for economics and for sciences courses (excluding PBS)
International Baccalaureate At least 40-42 points overall (including bonus points), with 776 in Higher Level subjects.
Scottish Advanced Highers Three A grades at Advanced Higher. If you are not able to take three Advanced Highers please contact us for further advice.
Cambridge Pre-U We welcome applications from students who are either studying towards the full Cambridge Pre-U Diploma or certain subjects within the qualification alongside A-Levels. Conditional offers will be set on an individual basis but are likely to be at least D2, D2, D3.
European Baccalaureate At least 90% overall with 9.0 in specified subjects related to the proposed course of study.
French Baccalaureate Mention Tres Bien overall with 16 or 17 in specified subjects related to the proposed course of study.

All candidates applying for Mathematics or Computer Sciences with Mathematics will be asked to sit Sixth Term Examination Papers (STEP).
In all cases, the offer is tailored to the candidate's individual circumstances.

The College welcomes applications from candidates who are considering taking a gap between school and university, and who have a sensible and structured plan for the year.
For those taking AS modular exams, we find that the marks obtained in these exams are a good indicator (better than GCSE) of future performance. In such cases, we are likely not to pay a great deal of attention to GCSE grades. You might like to know, however, that most candidates have eight 7-9 grades at GCSE, with the majority of these 8 or 9.
Cambridge colleges will only consider applications from students enrolled in a degree course at other UK universities in very exceptional circumstances. Any application to move to Cambridge would need strong support from your Course Director or other academic tutor at your current university. A reference or letter of recommendation from that person to the college would be required, and only then could the college consider an application. All such applications are still subject to the same academic assessment as any other application, including scrutiny of past performance in school examinations.
Selwyn College participates in University exchange programmes like ERASMUS and the Ecole Centrale Paris, MIT and NUS schemes when in operation. Apart from these we do not take visiting or Junior Year Abroad students.
It is not possible for a student to transfer to Cambridge to pursue only part of a degree course. All students must start in the first year of our three or four-year undergraduate programmes.