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Our students say ...

Word cloudOur graduating students were asked to comment on their memories of the College as part of the end of year celebration of their achievements

Here are some of their replies

I got pooled to Selwyn and when I tell people from other colleges this, they always say, "You definitely lucked out with that one." After three years here, I couldn't agree more. (Natural Sciences, Biological)

Arriving at Selwyn, I had high expectations. Having reached the end of my four years, I can look back at how much fun I've had with the amazing people I've met, and safely say that my expectations were exceeded. (Mathematics)

I will forever fondly remember my time at Selwyn College as my home away from home; the people I have met and the memories we have made truly are irreplaceable. (Geography)

My time at Selwyn has been marked by amazing musical experiences, a fantastically supportive learning environment, and of course the most incredible friends. .... Thank you, Selwyn, for making my three years as an undergraduate the best of my life! (Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion)

Having spent the last three years in Selwyn, (and feeling very excited about the fourth one!) I can wholeheartedly say that I'm very happy and grateful that I came here. I've met great people and made lovely friends and memories. (Natural Sciences, Physical)

I wasn't sure if coming to Cambridge was the right decision — but looking back now, I'm glad it's the path I chose, and even gladder that I was at Selwyn. (Philosophy)

Selwyn has been the best home I could ask for in the past four years. (Manufacturing Engineering)

I will remember my years at Selwyn fondly. I tried to make the most of everything on offer, though that's impossible when there's so much going on! Cambridge has been hard work but certainly worth every second. (English)

My years at Cambridge changed me and provided the launchpad I needed to become my own person, all while in Selwyn's cradle. And for that I will forever be grateful. (Psychological and Behavioural Sciences)

Despite now saying Selwyn is by far the best college in Cambridge, I chose it mostly by luck. Wanting to be close to the law faculty (and with Newnham being ruled out), it was between Robinson and Selwyn. But the decision was definitely the correct one - the college really is the best, with brilliant law fellows, an amazing site and some of the best people in Cambridge. It never once felt like the stuffy world of old Cambridge dons, or the private schools club, so often portrayed. Whilst formals and balls are ridiculous, and Old Court may look the part of the archetypal Cambridge college, it is an amazingly friendly and supportive place. (Law)

I have had such a fantastic four years at Selwyn and honestly cannot believe how quickly it has gone, or how lucky I was to get pooled to such a supportive and friendly college. I was surprised at just how easy it was to settle back into Cambridge life after a year abroad, which I think is testament to how truly welcoming Selwyn is. Not only was it a beautiful place to call home, and conveniently close to the Sidgwick site, but it has allowed me to make friendships which I really believe will last a lifetime. (Modern and Medieval Languages)

Falling in love with my dissertation. But not all moments were easy. Making it through the bad times was essential to learn that no matter what might come, with the community that I found in Selwyn, we can make it through. I am grateful for everyone around me at Selwyn and Cambridge for the love, support, motivation that they have given me. (Modern and Medieval Languages)

I have really loved having conversations with people about specific topics within the subjects they care so much about. (Economics)

Selwyn has always managed to feel both homely and inspiring. .... I'm grateful that my ideas - academic and beyond - have been challenged by my peers and supervisors. (Modern and Medieval Languages)

Reading history at Selwyn has been an incredible experience. It was one driven by my historical interests and encouraged by passionate supervisors. (History)