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7.10 Gardens


Selwyn's gardens are visited and much appreciated by college members and visitors throughout the year. As Selwyn is a place of work year-round, it's important that noise is kept to a minimum because there will always be an undergraduate or postgraduate student or fellow who is working in a room nearby.

Equally it's important to respect and protect the work of the gardeners - the gardens should never be used in ways that could damage them and/or spoil the pleasure of others. Never use the gardens for any games that involve a ball or projectile of any kind because it would risk causing damage to plants. Instead, use the sportsground. Please refer to the regulations in the Use of the Gardens Policy.

Only senior members may walk on Old Court and Ann’s Court lawns. In reasonably dry weather you are welcome to sit, relax and work on the other lawns of Selwyn. Please keep off the lawns in wet, frosty or snowy weather.

The pond in the main College garden contains deep water. Under no circumstances should you enter it.

A short guide to the gardens is available at the Porters’ Lodge, and the gardeners are always delighted to answer any queries from college members or their visitors. Bookings for garden parties in the Easter Term must be made through the Catering & Conference Office and have the Dean’s approval. As the garden party season approaches, the Dean issues specific instructions about the conduct of such events.

The Master’s and fellows’ gardens are private.