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7.6 IT Facilities


7.6.1 Help and Advice

The IT Department is staffed by Dave Johnstone, Howard Beaumont and Darren Tarrant, and is available to all members of the College. If you have any computer-related questions or problems you are welcome to call into the IT Office located on the 2nd Floor of the College Offices in Ann’s Court, open 9am – 5pm, Monday – Friday. Alternatively contact the IT Department on (3)35850 or email:

On-line guides are available from the University Information Service; they can be found via . There is also much information and advice on Selwyn’s computing pages: /current-members/it-services.

7.6.2 Facilities

Each student room has a network point (Except for Fulbrooke Rd and Eltisley Avenue Hostels which are Wifi only), and wireless internet access, but wired connections are generally faster and more reliable, and highly encourage were possible. To use the wired network, you will need an ethernet cable, which can be borrowed from the Porters’ Lodge for a refundable deposit of £5.00.

To register your computer for use on the Selwyn network, simply plug in to the wired network or connect to the SC-Wifi wireless network, and try to access any webpage and follow the on-screen instructions. If your device is already setup for the ‘eduroam’ wireless network this will automatically connect within College.

All internet and network access (including eduroam within College) is subject to the Selwyn Acceptable Usage Policy details can be found below.

The Computer Room is located in the College Library. The Library has a Multi-Function Devices for printing, photocopying and scanning. A charge is made for each printed sheet at the current rate of A4 4p, A3 8p (black and white) per side of paper or A4 15p, A3 25p (colour) per side of paper. Scanned sheets are charged at the rate of 1p per side. Printing, Scanning and Copying charges are charged via the “common balance” scheme (please see

All students are allocated a Cambridge University account, which allows access to public computers, and for external access to University networked resources.

7.6.3 Acceptable Use Policy

Please refer to the College’s Acceptable Use Policy here.

The College has to pay for all network traffic between any system in the College and any system outside the University. While the College encourages students to make full use of the network and the facilities associated with it, strict rules have been laid down by the University Information Strategy and Services Syndicate (ISSS) about what is and is not acceptable, see

In order to ensure that all members of the University have fair and equal access to the network, the transfer of excessive amounts of data, by whatever means, is not permissible, and your connection may be throttled (intentionally slowed down) by our systems over a given threshold (currently 10Gb per day), to ensure fair usage for all users of the network. Access to systems with the Cambridge University Data Network (CUDN) are not counted towards this allowance.

In connecting to the College network, you agree to take certain steps for your own and the College’s protection, notably relating to security, the removal of peer-to-peer software packages and respect for the law, especially that relating to copyright. Email abuse, including the sending of email in the name of another user, and copyright infringement are regarded as unacceptable by both the College and the University. In addition, you should bear in mind that copyright owners, such as the large media companies, are adopting increasingly aggressive tactics against individuals to protect their interests. The use of peer to peer software such as BitTorrent, Vuze, uTorrent and similar applications for downloading copyrighted materials is strictly forbidden.

Computer-related complaints by both internal and external parties will always be passed to the Bursar, the Senior Tutor and the Dean. Serious cases of abuse will require cost reimbursement and may trigger exclusion from the network and/or disciplinary action.

7.6.4 Internet access for students not living in College accommodation

There are many ISPs available offering a variety of deals. Providers offering services include Virgin Media and BT. Be aware many introductory offers have contract lengths of 18 or 24 months which may be greater than the length of your tenancy, and contracts with bandwidth limits should generally be avoided particularly if the internet connection is shared between multiple people. External users can use the College wireless network in  the Library, Hall etc.