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5.2 Your College Bill Explained


Your college bill will be emailed to your University email address by the first day of each term; payable within 3 weeks, the date of which is always printed on the bill itself.  Accepted methods of payment are detailed in the email which accompanies the bill.  Should you have any query or need any clarification regarding your bill these should, in the first instance, be addressed to Mrs Jane Eagle, Assistant Accountant; jem52.
Sample Postgraduate College Bill
In  addition to the items in the sample linked above, the Lent, Easter and Long Vacation Bills may include the following:          

Items Amounts See Notes below
Boat Club Sub MT21 £35.00


Late Payment Charges £15.00


Lost University card £12


NOTES (these refer to the sample bill as well as the table above):

  1. Graduate Fee:  If you are self funding and paying your graduate fee yourself, then one third of the annual fee is charged at the beginning of each term.
  2. Room Rent: This is the quarterly room rent which is paid in advanced for the relevant term.
  3. Key Deposit: All students pay a key deposit. This is held & returned at the end of your studies upon safe return of all keys to the Porters' Lodge.
  4. Rent Rebate: Transitional residence credit for postgraduate students in College rooms.
  5. Boat Club Subscription: Voluntary charges such as subscriptions for the Boat Club are itemized separately on the bill.
  6. Late Payment Charges: The date by which bills must be paid, after which Late Payment Charges are incurred, is printed at the bottom of the bill.
  7. Fines: Click here for details.
  8. Total: The final figure is the total amount owed to College.